With just days to go before voters in South Carolina decide between Democratic presidential candidates Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the two will sit down live on CNN for a town hall meeting Tuesday night. The event comes just days after Clinton proclaimed victory in the Nevada caucus by a little more than 5 percent, a much smaller margin than expected, as she was she polling at a far greater margin in the lead up to Saturday’s vote.

The informal gathering of the two will likely be one of high tension and could further strain relations between the campaigns, with Sanders increasing attacks on Clinton over her refusal to release the transcripts from paid speeches to Goldman Sachs.

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"It's been 17 days, 16 hours and 32 minutes since @HillaryClinton said she would 'look into' releasing her paid speeches to Wall Street," Sanders said from his personal Twitter account.

Clinton has yet to indicate whether she’ll actually release the speeches, even though she vowed last week that she would get tough on Wall Street. She stumbled on the topic during the last Democratic Town Hall, and her reluctance to deal with the issue is one reason why exit polls show Sanders beating Clinton on the issue of credibility, according to various national polls. Sanders has promised to tax Wall Street’s financial institutions and ensure they are not able to take the same risks that led to the collapse of Lehman Brothers and the 2008 financial crisis.

While a poll released by CNN Monday shows Clinton up by 24 points on Sanders in South Carolina, the Vermont senator has made a habit of closing the margins on voting day, as he did in Nevada by making up 25 points from January to voting day last Saturday.