Coco Austin
Coco Austin takes daughter Chanel to Disneyland for the first time. Pictured: The family attends the Rookie USA fashion show during New York Fashion Weekon Feb. 15 in New York City. Getty Images/Michael Loccisano


  • Coco Austin and Chanel danced together on TikTok
  • Chanel slapped her mom's backside when they were dancing
  • Their dance received mixed responses from fans and critics

Coco Austin shared a fun video of her dancing with her daughter Chanel, but some said it was inappropriate.

Austin shared a video on TikTok of her dancing with Chanel. "Chanel always makes me do all these weird dances. I just go with the flow though. I stole this from her phone to show," she wrote in the caption.

In one part, the celebrity mom raised her leg, and the 7-year-old slapped her backside. The dance move raised eyebrows as many disapproved of it and called it "inappropriate," Fox News Digital reported.


Chanel always makes me do all these weird dances..I just go with the flow though. I stole this from her phone to show #cocoandchanel #momdaughter #dynamicduo #viral #follow #trending

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"Sorry, even if it is just playing around am I the only one that thinks your daughter shouldn't' be slapping you on the a—Twerking?" one wrote. Another added, "Why is it cute to have a little girl slap your butt and have her twerking..? All for attention smh."

"It is not appropriate for a little girl or her mother," another said. A fourth commenter agreed, saying, "This is not inappropriate at all. More like cringe."

Many also came on Austin's defense. For them, there was nothing wrong with the mother and daughter's dance since they were just having fun.

"I tell you some of yall need to have a cocktail and relax there is nothing wrong with this video. I think is the absolute cutest," one commented on the same video that Austin shared on Instagram. Another added, "There's so much going on in the world. Can't understand why people are so concerned about a mother dancing with her biological baby daughter."

"Yes [raising hands emoji] love this mommy and daughter bond. You girls are the queens. Get [it] Chanel, get it, get it," a third user added.

"Everyone needs to chill the f out! This is cute, they are cute, leave these two cuties alone.. geez," a fourth commenter wrote with a face with rolling eyes emoji.

It wasn't the first time netizens called out Austin for Chanel's dance moves. Last year, the model shared a video of their family cheering on Chanel as she twerked while wearing Christmas pajamas.

"I don't find this OK, especially on social media. There are so many sick minds out here, this child's safety and privacy should be kept better. But, to each, their own," one fan wrote.

However, some also sided with Austin. "[It's] just a child having fun. PLEASE stop making this bigger than a child having fun," another commented.

Austin has been criticized for how she parents Chanel, including putting her in a stroller when she was 6 and bathing her in the kitchen sink. However, the celebrity mom didn't mind her critics and clapped back at them by calling them "hypocrites."

"They're like, on me," she told Page Six at Heidi Klum's 21st annual Halloween party. "But the thing is, everybody's a hypocrite I feel because they do certain weird things in their house."

She added, "I don't think that bathing my daughter in the sink is weird. If I have a huge-a-- sink, why not? It's just easier for me. And if I have to carry her everywhere, and it's just easier to bring a stroller, why not? She's petite, she's super small, and it's easier."

Ice T, Coco Austin
Ice T and Coco Austin, photographed at a Jingle Ball 2014 after party in New York City on Dec. 12, 2014, have created social media accounts for their newborn daughter. Getty Images