Robusta coffee continued gaining on Tuesday after roasters took advantage of a decline last week.

Robusta coffee for delivery in May increased by 1.8 percent, or $44, to $2,560 a metric ton on London's Liffe exchange.

Arabica coffee futures for May delivery in New York increased by 2 percent, to $1.535 a pound.

Robusta coffee dropped by 8.3 percent last week, cutting its gain that had raised prices as high as 45 percent.

Coffee producers in Vietnam, the world's largest Robusta coffee grower, stopped bean sales in anticipation of higher prices, reducing roasters inventories.

Coffee was also boosted by an increase in demand for commodities from investment funds, as oil futures increased as high as $109.72 a barrel.

White or refined sugar for May delivery increased by 2.6 percent, or $9, to $356.20 a ton.

Sugar prices dropped by 8.2 percent, posting the highest decline in about a year.

Cocoa futures for May delivery increased by 1.6 percent, or 22 pounds, to 1,377 pounds ($2,762) a ton on the Liffe exchange.

Cocoa prices have increased by 32 percent this year.