UPDATE: NPR's Andy Carvin has confirmed that the @CokieRoberts Twitter account is a fake.

NPR analyst and ABC commentator Cokie Roberts, or at least someone trying to impersonate her, started tweeting this week, and from her Twitter account it’s clear she’s yet to grasp the concept behind the micro-blogging site.

Roberts, who has nearly 4,000 Twitter followers through the unverified handle, @CokieRoberts, apparently is mistaking the social media site for Google.

Around lunchtime Friday, Roberts, or whoever is using the suspiciously fake account, was apparently in the mood for some Applebee’s, tweeting phrases that she probably meant to Google.

Roberts tweeted “nearest Applebees [sic],” at 11:32 a.m. Friday.

She followed up the tweet with several more, including “Washington dc applebees,” “’washington’ + ‘dc’ + ‘applebees,’” “’washington dc’ + ‘applebees’ + ‘directions,’” “homemade applebees,” and “applebees dessert shooters recipe.”

The odd tweets gained the attention of The Nation writer and “Blackwater” author Jeremy Scahill.

“I laughed out loud. Cokie apparently thinks Twitter is Google. Check her feed out,” Scahill tweeted to his more than 61,000 followers.