Colton Underwood is shutting down all the haters. The former "The Bachelor" star recently responded to an "ignorant" comment from a viewer of ABC's "Bachelor In Paradise."

"I don’t blame for @demi_burnett for wanting to date / fall in love with a girl after @colton. I probably would too," the Twitter user wrote followed by the hashtags #BachelorInParadise and #BIP.

What came next was the most subtle and epic clap back from Colton as he responded to the social media post not with anger or insult, but with facts. 

"It’s sad that this is your take away in all of this," the 27-year-old wrote. "Your response is ignorant."

Demi Burnett began her journey to find love when she appeared on Colton's season of "The Bachelor" earlier this year. In the end, Demi was eliminated but that didn't stop her from looking for love. The 24-year-old's journey continued on "Bachelor In Paradise" Season 6, which is currently airing. 

So far, fans have watched Demi catch feelings for fellow contestant Derek Peth but ultimately, her feelings were stronger for someone else. The fan-favorite revealed that she had been casually dating a woman, Kristian Haggerty, before arriving in Mexico and that's who she couldn't stop thinking about.

Kristian flew to Mexico to reunite with Demi on Tuesday's episode of the series, ultimately solidifying the "Bachelor" alum's feelings and her desire to pursue a relationship with Kristian. 

Fans can follow Demi, Kristian, and all of the "Bachelor In Paradise" relationships on the hit ABC show. 

“Bachelor in Paradise” airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.