What do Dora the Explorer, fire extinguishers, and “Pinky and the Brain” have in common? They’re all part of the upcoming season of “Robot Chicken,” as panelists revealed in a special extended teaser trailer shown at New York Comic Con 2012. The panel also revealed that Adult Swim has renewed “Robot Chicken” for a seventh season.

The panelists included the show’s cast of actors and writers such as executive producer Seth Green, actress Clare Grant, and writers and cast members Kevin Shinick and Dan Milano. "X-Men" sequel writer Michael Dougherty was also part of the panel, as well as surprise guest Macaulay Culkin.

The Q&A session began with the extended trailer for Season 6, which consisted of a montage of explicit yet hilarious parodies, true to “Robot Chicken” form. From a spoof on Coors Banquet Beer campaign to a sketch poking fun at Dora the Explorer through a Quinceanera special, the sneak preview had the IGN Theater roaring with laughter.

When it comes to writing for the Adult Swim stop-motion comedy show, Green said that the joke idea typically comes before the specific topic or theme it pertains to.

“We never just throw a dart at a target,” he said. “It always happens that someone has a joke they want to tell in particular. People have asked about a ‘Mass Effect’ sketch.”

As the show prepares to enter its sixth season, the cast members and guests shared their favorite moments from “Robot Chicken.”

“I always go back to the Voltron break dancing skit,” said Green. “It was so simple, and he looks so happy, and it’s just exactly that.”

“Mine is always going to be the tooth fairy sketch,” Grant said.

“The giraffe in quicksand sketch,” answered Milano.

“The Home Alone sketches for the Christmas special, but that’s just a personal favorite,” said Culkin.

“Tooth fairy, it’s so dark,” Dougherty.

Although these may be memorable skits throughout the series, the panelists made it clear that there is plenty to look forward to in forthcoming seasons. Green revealed that episodes will include pop singer Ke$ha playing the role of a killer robot, RZA as a passionate pescatarian and a duet between 50 Cent and Parappa the Rapper.

When asked about other television programs the panelists disliked, the only specific name that came to mind was “The Jersey Shore.”

“We’re in a really dark place culturally, and it’s up to us to combat that cynicism,” said Green.

The Season 6 Christmas special for Robot Chicken will be on Dec. 9 and the finale will be Feb. 17.