Conan Exiles - Zombie Summon
The Age of Sorcery updated added summonable zombie companions Funcom


  • Zombies can be summoned from Shallow Graves
  • Artisan thralls cannot be converted into zombies
  • Zombies always start at Level 20 with three perks

The "Age of Sorcery" update added all manners of magic to "Conan Exiles," including the ability to summon new types of companions to help defend players and their bases.

Apart from the usual array of thralls and animals, players can now resurrect the dead and turn them into minions after they learn how to use sorcery. Zombies, referred to in-game as Resurrected Corpses, act much like normal companions, but they require less maintenance by virtue of already being dead. Here's how to get them.


After unlocking the sorcery system, players will need to craft a Thaumaturgy Bench and upgrade their Tome of Kurak eight times. The eighth tome upgrade will unlock Raise Dead spell alongside the necessary crafting station needed to convert NPCs into the Resurrected Dead.

There are no other stat, level or equipment requirements for this procedure to work.

Summoning Zombies

To summon a Resurrected Corpse, place a Shallow Grave on flat land. A Ritual Table will also be needed for the sake of crafting the necessary summoning materials.

Then, knock out any NPC that can be placed in the world. They must be either a Fighter, Archer, Taskmaster or Bearer. Artisan NPCs cannot be converted into zombies.

Conan Exiles - Thralls
NPC thralls can be found in preset locations around the Isle of Siptah and the Exiled Lands Funcom

Once an NPC is knocked out, tie them up and carry them back to the Shallow Grave. They can be placed inside like a normal thrall into a Wheel of Pain. After this, simply click on the Raise Dead icon on the right-hand menu of the grave to convert the NPC into a zombie.

After a short casting animation, a Resurrected Corpse will crawl out of the Shallow Grave and automatically start following the caster. From here, they can be treated like an ordinary thrall but with a couple of exceptions.

First, zombies cannot be armed with weapons or armor, which means they will always fight bare-handed and will always take more damage compared to armored thralls. Second, instead of eating normal food, zombies will only eat raw or rotten meat like Human Flesh, Putrid Meat and Abysmal Meat.

Lastly, Resurrected Corpses will always spawn at Level 20, making them great for emergency base defense in case players fail to prepare for a Purge.

Conan Exiles - Zombie NPC
Friendly zombies can be spawned by sacrificing unconscious NPCs inside a Shallow Grave Conan Exiles