Boston-based college admission and career solutions provider ConnectEDU has raised $7-million in funding from a consortium led by Allen & Co. to establish regional service centers across the U.S. catering high schools, colleges and employer partners.

With a network of 5 million users, ConnectEDU develops technology to enable students to manage their educational and career plans. Its data-driven solution helps to bridge the transitions between high school, college, and career, by making certain that students take the necessary steps at the right time to reach their goals.

ConnectEDU can now accelerate the expansion of its regional service centers across the country. We will also invest further in the growth of CoursEval, our data-driven evaluation and assessment system, as well as SuperAPP, our online college admissions form completion system,” said Craig Powell, Chief Executive Officer, ConnectEDU.

ConnectEDU helps students find and enroll in the right college, get a degree, and launch their careers, making the entire proces simpler. “ConnectEDU is a game changer, says Kevin Barney as Senior Vice President of College Channel Sales and Operations, who has joined the company two months ago.

The company says its subscriber community includes high school and college students from 2,500 high schools and 450 colleges. Margaret Spellings, former Secretary of Education under the administration of President George W. Bush, has recently joined the company's board of directors, said the company in a statement.