A middle-school teacher has been arrested in Connecticut for leaving her children alone at home while she went on a vacation to Florida with her boyfriend.

Kerry Caviasca, 36, headed to Florida in November 2021 for a long weekend getaway and left her two kids, aged 9 and 11, to fend for themselves.

The incident came to light after the suspect's ex-husband, Aaron Caviasca, found text exchanges between the mother and the children weeks later. He informed police that the kids were left alone between Nov. 20 and 22.

Following temporary custody issued by the court, Aaron and police went to Kerry's house last month and informed her about the neglect allegation. Though she admitted to going to Florida, she told investigators she left her kids with her brother. But when authorities reached out to the said person, he referred them to Kerry's lawyer and added that he "did not wish to get involved," reported New York Daily News.

In one of the texts, Kerry told her children to "stay in the basement." And while her son told the investigators that his mother had food delivered to them via Uber Eats, one interaction between them proved otherwise. During the said exchange, the kids asked what they should have for dinner. In response, Kerry told them to "just eat candy" or "whatever is downstairs."

The woman's ex-husband told the investigators that he attempted to reach his children during the weekend in question because he got worried after not hearing back from them. He reportedly sent his father to his ex-wife's house to check up on the kids, but no one answered at that time.

According to a warrant obtained by WFSB, a particular text exchange between the mother and her children showed that the kids heard someone on the door at the same time their grandfather was there. Kerry denied this and said no one answered the door because no one was at home at that time.

The children later informed police that they were left home by themselves from Saturday night to Monday night. They also said that there was no one else with them in the residence except the family dog.

Kerry was arrested on Jan. 15 and charged with two counts of risk of injury to a child and two counts of second-degree reckless endangerment. She has been placed on leave at her work as the investigation is still ongoing.

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