COVID-19, the new novel coronavirus, has been a hot topic among many all over the world in recent weeks, and it appears that the British royal family is no exception.

According to Express, Queen Elizabeth II wore gloves for the first time in a many years during an investiture ceremony on Tuesday. Typically, Her Majesty greets people with bare hands, but the worldwide virus outbreak may have influenced her to take the extra precautions. 

As stated by the publication, the decision to wear gloves to public events is "not just a fashion choice but also a safety measure taken by the monarch to protect herself from germs." 

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While the Queen usually wears gloves during public engagements, the last time that the Queen wore gloves to such an event was in 1950s, when she knighted Air Mashall Claude Pelle, Commander in Chief of the RAF Middle East Air Force. However, the decision at that time may have had more to do with the fashion and less about protecting herself from potential hazards. That year's event was held in Yemen, where it is customary for women to cover their hands.

A spokesperson for Buckingham Palace also revealed to the publication that they are "following the Government's advice" when it comes to protecting the members of the royal family. Still, these safety preucations don't appear to have resulted in holding up any of their planned events. 

It has been confirmed that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are planning on meeting up with Prince William and Kate Middleton during their trip back to the U.K. as part of Commonwealth Day on March 9. The Fab Four are expected to join Queen Elizabeth at Westminster Abbey to attend the annual service where they will make their "joint appearance."

As for Queen Elizabeth herself, it has been reported that not only has she created plans to "overhaul" Buckingham Palace following Megxit, but that she has additionally asked her staff to complete a "daunting" task in the near future. 

Queen Elizabeth Britain's Queen Elizabeth II is pictured. Photo: POOL/Tolga Akmen