• Men are starting to have their sperms cryogenically stored amid the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Storing the sperm this way allows it to be kept alive for many years
  • There is little evidence that coronavirus infection can affect the fertility of men or women

As the confirmed cases of coronavirus infection worldwide almost reach two million, some men’s worries are not only confined to the possibility they might get infected. They are also concerned that in case they get infected, they might not be able to have children thereafter. This belief prompted them to have their sperm frozen in the hopes that by doing so, their legacy will be preserved.

coronavirus pandemic is prompting men to have their sperms frozen and stored
coronavirus pandemic is prompting men to have their sperms frozen and stored Syaibatul Hamdi - Pixabay

Preserving Legacy

Sperm cryopreservation is a method used to preserve human sperm cells. After cryopreservation, the sperm can be used successfully in other medical processes like in vitro fertilization. According to cryopreservation companies, human sperm has been known to be cryogenically kept alive for more than twenty years and can still be successfully used afterward.

Although keeping sperm cryogenically alive is not considered vital or essential, semen storage facilities say their business is booming nowadays. In a report filed by the Daily Beast, at-home sperm collection companies like Dadi and CryoChoice have been enjoying their new-found popularity. These companies told the Daily Beast that they have been experiencing mail-order iterations.

The Collection And Freezing Process

In an interview by the Daily Beast, storage facilities revealed they first send specially-made kits for the collection of sperm. Recipients then load them and mail the kits back to the storage companies. Upon receiving the sperm, the storage firm tests the semen first before storing it cryogenically until it is needed for action. The customer has to pay an additional cost for sperm testing.

Although there is little evidence showing that COVID-19 can have a long-term impact on fertility, some men are not taking any chances. CryoChoice told the Daily Beast that their sales recently increased by as much as 20%. They also said that most of the inquiries about sperm storage came from those who worry about the impact of coronavirus on their fertility.

Women Are Doing It Too

Reports say that men are not the only ones in a panic. Women have also been rushing to have their eggs frozen amid coronavirus fears. A popular Manhattan fertility clinic told the Daily Beast it had been swamped with requests from women begging to have their eggs frozen during the pandemic.

According to Grace Centola, the science director of sperm storage facility Dadi, “You can’t say, ‘Don’t worry about the fever now, you’ll be better in three months.” She also said, “They’ll be very upset. They’ll go crazy. Because to them, time is of the essence now.” Ms. Centola revealed to the Daily Beast that Dadi had experienced a threefold increase in their sales.