• Amid the coronavirus scare, people have tried to find effective ways to ward off the virus
  • Many are wearing masks to help prevent infection
  • Some ask whether eyeglasses could provide an additional layer of protection

Coronavirus has been recognized as a deadly virus. The death toll around the world seems to climb up every day save for China, which reported slowing down in terms of deaths.

What makes the virus seemingly dangerous is how rapidly it can infect a person. In fact, the mere touching of a contaminated surface is enough to infect you with the virus. While there were those who were able to overcome the virus, the number of those who died because of either they're the elderly or due to pre-existing conditions was staggering.

glasses and coronavirus
glasses and coronavirus StockSnap - Pixabay
Having identified the entry point of the virus into the body, primarily through the mouth, nose, and eyes. Many wear masks in the hope of preventing an infection, however, the WHO does not recommend this. What they advise is to wash your hands with soap and water, and if these aren't available, to use a sanitizer.

Since the eyes are also a point of entry of the virus, many try to cover the eyes as well. What better covering there is than eyeglasses? So, the big question is: will eyeglasses help give you an additional layer of protection?

What Experts Say

One professor from Monash University revealed the answer to this question. According to Professor Stephen Turner, wearing glasses alone will not be enough to offer protection.

Turner, who is from the Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute, said it appears that close contact is required to spread the virus. He explained that the most likely manner by which someone gets to pick up the virus is by touching contaminated surfaces, then, subsequently touching the eyes, mouth, and nose.

Since the glasses only cover the eyes, it is still possible for someone to be infected via the mouth or nose. As per the Daily Express report, Turner said glasses alone will not do the trick.

In the report, wearing safety goggles may be better protection than just glasses. The former offers a stronger defense against a possible infection through the eyes.

In a separate report, it was found that, if you wear eyeglasses alone to protect the eyes, it wouldn’t suffice since it is still possible that you will touch a contaminated surface then consequently touch your eyes. Perhaps, the most important thing you can do is to remain vigilant and be mindful of your actions, especially when in public.