• Coronavirus can be fatal to the elderly and those with health conditions
  • Persons 70 years and above should self-isolate for three months
  • Self-Isolation can affect the mental health of the elderly

It now appears that coronavirus may cause the elderly to get stuck in their homes for up to 12 weeks. This came in light of the decision of the government to impose more stringent measures to protect them from getting infected and develop deadly complications.

Fortunately, Dr. Martina Paglia has come up with tips for the elderly on how to remain mentally healthy during the times when they are in complete isolation. Dr. Paglia is the founder of the International Psychology Clinic, a private therapy clinic that can treat over 60 kinds of mental health issues from mild to severe conditions. coronavirus self isolate mental health coronavirus self isolate mental health Photo: geralt - pixabay

A Lasting Effect

According to Dr. Paglia, taking away the freedom, dignity, and independence of the elderly, although temporary and for the good of everyone, can have long-lasting effects on their mental health. She said that they might not be affected during the first couple of days, but as it drags into weeks, such will definitely affect them.

Because of this, Dr. Paglia hopes the government will also set aside some funds and establish a free national counseling service available for those in self-isolation 24-7. While waiting for that, however, Dr. Paglia shared some self-isolation tips to make the elderly’s time more bearable.

Tips During Self-Isolation

The key here is to keep a set routine, Dr. Paglia said. You need to stick to regular mealtimes and sleeping patterns. She also said you could keep both your body and mind exercised by stretching, performing word games or puzzles, or doing some light yoga.

Utilize the time to set your goals, she said. Plan ahead what you are going to do for the week and reward yourself with the achievement of every task or challenge. Dr. Paglia underscored the importance of routine by recommending everyone to maintain structure every day.

Digital Interaction

On relationships, Dr. Pagalia understands the need for human interaction because that is the nature of social creatures like all humans. She recommends using technology in doing this. You can connect with your friends and family using FaceTime or Skype or by simply dialing a number on your phone.

This may not be the life you envisioned, but there is a need to adapt for several weeks or months. Dr. Paglia said that by accepting the changes and assimilating into it, you would quickly establish a new normal that you can easily adapt to without a devastating blow.