With several countries undergoing a lockdown period, people are asked to remain at home until further notice. Because of all the stress eating and lack of exercise, many of us have started gaining weight. Spending long stretches of time at home can be unusual for busy individuals. We tend to be seated mere feet away from the refrigerator that has a load of groceries purchased due to panic buying and end up hogging just as we are bored.

Here are a few tips on how to not gain weight during this lockdown period:

  1. Tatiana Boncompagni, a healthy-eating expert and founder of meal delivery company Eat Sunny suggested one should create a structure for eating. When you plan and schedule your meals and portions, it can help avoid unnecessary calorie intake. You could also keep a food journal or use an app to note down what you eat.
  2. Eat healthy foods first. Whenever you have an urge to eat something, pick up healthy options such as vegetables, fruits or nuts. When you load up on those first, you will really have no or less room to fill up on junk.
  3. Since boredom can cause unnecessary eating, try to keep your mind completely engaged. The key to managing your weight during this lockdown period lies in identifying the triggers that can lead to emotional eating. But, when you take part in activities that can keep you engaged, it can help prevent a great deal of weight gain, mentioned Cat Country.
  4. Drink at least 64 ounces of water daily to stay hydrated, says Miami Herald. Drinking plenty of water can make you feel full and prevent you from filling out on snacks.
  5. Stay active while remaining indoors. While going for a run or hitting your gym might not be possible during this pandemic, you can indulge in indoor exercises and try out yoga, meditation, and strength training while staying indoors. Walking up and down the stairs and doing squats while brushing your teeth are some easy yet interesting ways to stay active indoors, Miami Herald mentioned Marcia Johnson of Livea Weight Control Center.
  6. There are umpteen ‘at-home workout’ videos on the internet which you can try out while staying at home. But take adequate precautions and do only what you can really do. You cannot risk an injury during this period of crisis.

effective nhs program to lose weight effective nhs program to lose weight Photo: Tumisu - Pixabay