• Coronavirus is causing a worldwide panic today
  • Many are trying to find a cure or any type of treatment to beat the dangerous virus
  • One Briton claims that he was able to beat the Wuhan virus using one toddy

Coronavirus has become a global problem. This is primarily due to the fast rate by which it spread among humans. In different parts of the world, the number of confirmed cases kept on increasing, causing more people to become panicky.

There are some patients or infected people who claimed that they were able to beat the illness with the help of one drink. One Briton said that a hot toddy helped him to beat the Wuhan virus.

Chicken Soup

Connor Reed, from Wales, contracted the deadly virus in Wuhan. Now, the 25-year-old English teacher claims that he was able to cure his illness using a hot toddy. The Wales resident was among the first confirmed cases of the coronavirus. He was diagnosed around November.

chicken soup coronavirus cure treatment hot toddy
chicken soup coronavirus cure treatment hot toddy cegoh - Pixabay

According to Connor, he admitted himself to a hospital in the Chinese City after he suffered from severe cough and breathing difficulties. Connor attested that he initially used the inhaler to control his cough. He didn’t want to take medicines, but he drank hot whiskey with honey. Connor also said that it’s an old-fashioned remedy, but he said that it did the trick.

As per Express’ report, Connor was discharged from the hospital but only received the news that he suffered from coronavirus two weeks after he was discharged. Although hot toddies are recommended for the treatment of cold and flu, there’s no proof that it could cure coronavirus.

Many British nationals were already flown from Wuhan, China. They were placed under quarantine and were required to undergo tests to ascertain whether they have been infected by the virus or not.

Slowing the Spread of the Virus

The UK Government has already issued guidelines on how to slow the spread of the virus. Following the steps they took to contain the spread of norovirus and flu, they advised people to practice good hygiene. Regularly wash hands, and to sneeze on tissue are among the recommended ways. The tissue must also be disposed of properly in garbage bins.

To kill the germs, you must properly wash your hands. For those who traveled to places where there’s a known outbreak, they’re recommended to stay indoors and to avoid making contact with other people.