• UK residents are getting more anxious amid rising COVID-19 infections
  • The government has issued advisories about COVID-19
  • Patients who have recovered are sharing their experiences to the public

The coronavirus pandemic is showing no signs of letup as it continues to ravage country after country with each passing day. In Italy, which has become the new epicenter of the outbreak, there are now 69,176 total confirmed cases with 6,820 deaths and 3,393 in serious or critical condition. In the UK, there are 8,077 patients of COVID-19, of which 422 have already died, including an 18-year-old person with an underlying health condition, while 20 remain in serious condition.

Amid all these, Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned everyone that the open-air does not give you any immunity. His message implied that people should stay indoors, a piece of advice that has fallen on deaf ears by a huge majority of the population. Aside from staying home, the PM also said it is vital for everyone to be on the lookout for symptoms associated with COVID-19.

coronavirus patient shares her diary of symptoms
coronavirus patient shares her diary of symptoms Anna Shvets - Pexels

An Important First Step

Recognizing COVID-19 symptoms is a vital first step in the government’s self-isolation action plan. The National Health Service has stated that main symptoms you need to watch out for include having a high temperature and experiencing a new, continuous cough.

Several coronavirus patients are also making their own contributions to this effort. Such is the case of Bjonda, one of those who got infected by COVID-19. She has kept a list of her symptoms and wrote them in her diary as they have progressed. This way, others will know what to watch out for. Bjonda shared with the rest of the world her 12-day fight with the coronavirus.

Initial Symptoms

According to Bjonda, she had a slightly sore throat, accompanied by a mild dry cough during the first day, and felt very tired at nighttime. On the second day, she experienced a strange headache, which can be eased a bit by coughing softly. That night, she had a fever and chills. She also mentioned that her eyes hurt so badly during the second day. Making a few movements with her eyes was so uncomfortable. She thought it was just migraine.

On the third day, she felt very tired, with energy levels at an all-time low. She opted to continue sleeping as she still had fevers. Her symptoms now include fever, chills, dry cough, migraine, and a bit of nausea. She went to the doctor, where she tested negative for the flu and strep. She was given antibiotics and ibuprofen.

Labored Breathing

Day four, Bjonda’s fever was gone, but she experienced a new symptom, which is shortness of breathing, which she said felt like she had bricks on her chest. She reminded herself to keep hydrated. She went to the doctor and insisted on getting a coronavirus test, which the doctor finally did. Bjonda was then advised to continue with her self-quarantine as her results would arrive after about five to six days.

On the sixth day, Bjonda’s symptoms included cough, sore throat, and shortness of breath. She, however, felt her energy levels starting to increase. Everything was the same on the seventh day. On the eighth day, she had mild coughs but starting to feel better, with her energy levels increasing. Her cough became heavier on the ninth day, but her energy levels had returned to normal.

Test Came Out Positive

Day ten, Bjonda’s result came out, and it was positive. Her symptoms at this time included mild cough with some mucus, but her energy levels are now normal. She felt better and healthy now but continued to self-isolate. She also decided to get a retest for COVID-19.

On the eleventh day, she felt much better and started to have some conversations with friends over the phone. They asked her how she contracted COVID-19 and Bjonda said it might have been during the days she went to the bar. She told her friends that now she understands the value of social distancing. Bjonda also revealed to them that the first three days were the most difficult.

Bjonda wrote in her diary that she was feeling well on the twelfth day, and her energy levels are back to normal. While she still does feel some sinus pressure with a bit of headache, she wrote she is in good health. She continues to hydrate as much as possible.