Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth were recently being blamed for not meddling much earlier to help save Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s marriage.

In the book “The Firm,” royal author Penny Junor said that parents of any couple experiencing difficulties in their marriage would usually not intervene in the problem. However, the Prince and Princess of Wales weren’t just any other couples.

“The breakdown of this marriage had huge implications for the monarchy, and yet both the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh had held back and chosen not to get involved,” she said.

On the online forum site Quora, royal fans shared their thoughts on the matter. Some of them shared the same stand with Junor and said that Prince Philip and the Queen could’ve saved the royal couple’s marriage decades ago. However, there were some royal fans who said that Her Majesty and the Duke couldn’t have done anything to salvage the tumultuous union between the royals.

Hninzi Lwin said that the Queen and Prince Philip did try to help the royal couple. Prince Philip even wrote a few letters to Princess Diana and it was evident that he sympathized with her.

“He and Diana exchanged many letters and he was very supportive. Both the Queen and the Duke were harder on Charles in this situation… Even Anne was hard on her brother… The only one who was supportive of Charles was the Queen mum… It just didn't work… Reasons for a marriage breakdown are not always apparent to outsiders. Or even to the principals themselves,” he said.

Shelli King, an avid Anglophile, said that no one could have saved Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s marriage including the couple themselves.

“That marriage shouldn’t have happened in the first place. But it did - and we have Princes William and Harry because of it… Charles and Diana were totally unsuited,” she said.

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Pictured: Prince Philip, Prince Charles, Queen Mother, Princess Diana with Prince William and Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace. Getty Images/PA