Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles and the other senior members of the royal family reportedly talk about mundane topics in private.

Contrary to what the public might think, the royals do not talk about monarchy-related issues during their private time.

In the book “The Firm,” royal author Penny Junor said that it was only in 1994 that the royal family put in place the rule of having a six-month meeting between the senior royals and their staff. The meetings were done to discuss important matters regarding the monarchy.

“Hard to believe that so simple an idea had to wait until 1994. The constant surprise is that the Royal Family doesn’t discuss any of these sorts of topics with one another on their own… It takes prompting from their courtiers and the structure of a formal group,” she said.

Junor also revealed that the royals talk about dogs, horses, estate-related matters, and sports during their private conservations. Oftentimes, they also teach each other and they also utter dirty jokes with each other. After all, the royal author said that the Queen and her relatives do not enjoy debates or intellectual conversations.

A royal courtier seconded Junor’s claims by saying, “They [Royal Family] do communicate in the oddest way. It’s a very close family, but they don’t communicate directly… They let other people take soundings; they never say, ‘I’ll talk about it with whomever over the weekend…’ They do it through private secretaries or press secretaries.”

Meanwhile, even when Prince Charles was still very young, he and his dad already lacked face-to-face conversation. In 1981, instead of talking to the Prince of Wales in person, the Duke of Edinburgh decided to write a letter to his eldest son urging him to make up his mind about Princess Diana.

Prince Charles thought that his dad’s letter was actually an ultimatum so he decided to propose to the Princess of Wales. The couple’s marriage ended in divorce.

British Royal Family
The British Royal Family has a lot of secrets. Pictured: Royal Family attend the Royal British Legion Festival of Remembrance at the Royal Albert Hall on November 10, 2018 in London, England. Getty Images/Chris Jackson