An elderly couple has been arrested for allegedly abusing and chaining up a child for more than 12 hours at a time in their home in Oregon.

Police are still investigating whether other children in the house also suffered abuse at the hands of the couple, identified as Ana Miranda, 67, and Charles "Randy" Ward, 74.

Miranda and Ward were indicted on multiple charges for chaining and abusing the child for about a year and a half, the Washington County Sheriff's Office said Thursday, AP News reported.

Officers started monitoring the couple after receiving reports about suspected child abuse at their home near Tigard, a suburb of Portland. Miranda and Ward were living with nine children and two young adults there.

"Detectives received information that a child was being chained up in the house, often for more than 12 hours daily. The child was also strangled, hit, kicked, and verbally abused, including derogatory slurs," the sheriff's office said.

They found evidence during a search that confirmed the allegations. The child was chained up as punishment for taking food and drinks from the kitchen, The Oregonian reported.

The child's age, gender and relationship with the couple were not revealed.

Further investigation showed that Miranda has abused other children in the house over the years. One of the children, now an adult, was assaulted with metal pliers, the sheriff's office said.

It was not known why the children were living with the couple. They were not placed there by the foster care system, Washington County Sheriff's Sgt. Danny DiPietro said.

"We believe there are possibly other victims," DiPietro added. "We're continuing to communicate with the individuals in the home to try to figure out what happened."

Miranda is facing charges that include eight counts of mistreatment, one count of strangulation against a child, second-degree assault with a pair of metal pliers and unlawful use of a weapon, the sheriff's office said.

Ward was charged with four counts of first-degree criminal mistreatment.

Calling the incident "horrific," DiPietro said officials will do everything possible to protect the children.

"Everyone within that home, especially the kids, are (now) in a safe place with responsible adults," DiPietro added. "We're working with the children and adults in that home, talking to them, to determine if there have been any other crimes over the years."

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