Courtney Stodden could be getting a major paycheck if rumors that she didn’t sign a prenuptial agreement with Doug Hutchison are true. The 19-year-old blonde bombshell famously married the “Green Mile” actor when she was just 16 in 2011, and according to her, the now 53-year-old star didn’t want his lover to sign the agreement because he trusted her and he thought it would be unromantic, she said during a new interview with Too Fab on Tuesday.

I did offer him a prenup but he did not want to sign one," the starlet told the news site about her estranged husband. "I offered and he said, ‘I don’t want to do that because I trust you and we’re getting married.’ He didn’t want a prenup. So we’ve talked about what we want to do financially now."

Even though they are heading toward a divorce, Stodden said they are still living in the same home. "I feel like I may move out eventually, but right now this is working out and we’ll see where it takes us.”

During a moment of TMI (too much information), Stodden revealed to Too Fab she and Hutchison had a good relationship sexually but that she wanted more. "Our sex was good," she said. "I’m not going to lie, but I’m a young girl who wants to experience sex of all kinds and he’s an older man and he’s slowing down a little bit. I just wanted more sex."

As far as dating another 53-year-old, Stodden doesn’t see that in her future. "I’m going to try to lower the age a little bit, that’s my goal," the teen said. "I’m not planning on going out with another 53-year-old, that’s for sure. I mean, people say age is just a number and I said that also and obviously age isn’t just a number.

"I'm excited to taste new things," the voluptuous starlet added.

So where does life without her beau leave Stodden? She plans to continue her career in reality television and begin a fashion line.

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