• A lockdown would entail parents and children staying at home
  • Children can get bored when they have nothing to do or do things repetitively
  • There are three great activities that you can do with your children during this period

Any parent who has children with them at home during a lockdown may resort to tons of activities just to keep the younger members of the family "happy" or, at the very least, less bored. The importance of the lockdown during the COVID-19 outbreak can't be overemphasized, and one simply needs to be creative at making each day fun and exciting for children.

Express has compiled a number of activities that will help keep you and your children busy amid the lockdown. These activities are pretty straightforward and would only require a bit of your time and some ingenuity.

Tying The Rabbit's Tale

With the lengthy number of hours that you could spend with your child during a lockdown, it might be the best time for you to teach him how to tie his shoes. The Scouts website outlines the different steps in a bunny story, which leads to the ultimate "tying" of the shoes. It's a fun way to tie shoes rather than 1,2, and 3.

Get That Diary for Weekly Wins

This activity involves using a diary and taking note of the great and notable things that transpired for the week. Details are needed here, and the best activities would have to be replicated again. You can make the activity more interesting by providing some rewards for those weekly wins.

activities for children during a lockdown
activities for children during a lockdown Startup Stock Photos - Pixabay

The Awesome Name Game

This game would be ideal for those who have a yard, a garden, or maybe a nearby park. This game would require both the mind and the body to work. It's more of like a charade with a twist.

In this activity, you can split your children into several players. Each player would have to think of an animal, and the other players would try their hand at guessing the animal. The recommended cycles would be 5, and taking inspiration from actual animals they see outdoors would be a good idea.

Children always need something to keep them busy. So if you feel like you are already running out of activities or tasks for them, you can try the three activities mentioned above. The best part is that you can join in on the fun too.