Whenever I find myself dreading a workout or trying to give myself a reason to take a day off or not finish for the day, I remind myself of my mantra and repeat it until I am finished.

A mantra is a simple word or phrase that is easily repeatable. A mantra can be a something that defines you or words to live by, a statement that motivates you to a goal, a self-affirmation or reassurance (think Stuart Smalley), or a mix of all of the above.

Some of the mantras of my friends include This is Great PR, business-oriented words by which to live; Just breath through it, a statement of self-motivation; I have everything I need right now and am filled with peace, joy and gratitude, an affirmation; and Whatever it takes, a statement of goal-commitment. Although they are all very different, each can powerfully shape one's life.

A mantra is intended to energize and create transformation, thus it is a perfect tool for life change. Repeating a word or phrase will keep you focused and remind you of why you are doing what you are doing. It can be the argument-ender when you are debating with yourself or can help you get through those last few repetitions. If you focus on your mantra, you cannot allow your mind to wander to stalling or negative thoughts. It has helped me stay on track any time that motivation has waned or I have been tempted to let life get in the way.

Do you have a phrase that inspires you? What defines your reason for taking on your fitness goal? A simple summary could become your mantra. If you have nagging negative thoughts that prevent hurdles to you, create a positive statement that opposes those thoughts. Create a simple phrase that is easy to remember and repeat; try utilizing it any time your motivation wanes or to push yourself just a little further.

Reprinted from Dietsinreview