Netflix has announced its new show "The Goop Lab" from actress Gwyneth Paltrow and her lifestyle brand, Goop, with the intent of sharing new-age ways of staying healthy. However, many fans and health professionals alike were quick to note some of the fallacies the website has offered in regards to the health advice the show is intended to give.

The six-episode first season will premiere on Netflix this month and the "Goop Lab" teaser promises to dive into the strange worlds of psychics, exorcisms, drugs, and energy healing. The trailer itself speaks to these practices, with a man appearing on-screen and calling one of their methods “dangerous” and later, a woman describes another one as “unregulated.”

Chief Content Officer at Goop, Elise Loehnen, speaks about how Goop’s motto during the teaser trailer is to “explore ideas that may seem out-there or too scary.” Initial audience reactions seem to align with that idea, calling the shows health practices, tips, and tricks “terrifying,” according to NBC News.

The promotional poster is also gaining a lot of attention, drawing some criticism as it appears Paltrow herself is standing in the center of what looks like a vagina. Some Twitter users have noted that the imagery is similar to a jade egg, or quartz egg, that brings back a past controversy involving the company. In 2018, Goop paid out $145,000 in civil penalties due to a quartz egg that was promised to promote vaginal health, due to these claims being “unsubstantiated.”

The Guardian claims that “rampant disinformation” provided by celebrities promoting alternative medicine ideologies could be the reason we’ve seen a reemergence of the deadly measles virus. Jenny McCarthy, amongst other celebrities, have publicly questioned vaccinations and other medical practices. These stars offer unsubstantiated claims that vaccines contribute to the development of autism.

The outlet suggests that the Goop-Netflix deal sets a dangerous precedent for untrained, unprofessional A-list stars having a voice in medicine, given that Paltrow now has a platform to promote her “pseudoscience” beliefs.

Viewers can see what advice "Goop" offers when it premieres Jan. 24 on Netflix.

Gwyneth Paltrow
Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad Falchuk are engaged. Pictured: Paltrow attends the goop pop Dallas Launch Party in Highland Park Village on Nov. 20, 2014 in Dallas. Getty Images/Layne Murdoch Jr.