By sheer luck and presence of mind, a farmer fishing in crocodile-infested waters managed to save himself from one of the water monsters that had pounced on him. It was a story that could have turned out differently though.

Fifty-eight-year-old Brajkrushna Pradhan from Kendrapara district of Odhisha, India, was pounced on by an estuarine crocodile in a creek near Jalakana village in Mahakalpada area Sunday and suffered injuries to his right arm. Pradhan was fishing when the crocodile attacked him. Managing to keep his presence of mind, Pradhan picked up a bamboo pole and poked the crocodile in one of its eyes, which made it release its grip on his hand.

The injured crocodile then beat a hasty retreat and disappeared into the water, officials said.

Pradhan's injuries were not major but he described the experience as a “providential escape” from death, reported Catch News.

According to the Mahakalpada Forest Range Officer Bijoy Kumar Parida, the protected forest areas are the ideal habitats for crocodiles, and it is risky to fish in the water bodies there.

The forest department has also introduced a slew of measures to prevent crocodile attacks in the future.

Crocodile Pixabay

According to the officials, "Over two dozen riverside spots have been identified as danger zones because of frequent sighting of reptiles in these places." They also said people are warned against venturing near troubled water zones.

The officials said the bathing ghats have become potential hot spots for crocodile attacks. The ghats have now been barricaded to protect humans and animals from the crocodiles.

In a similar incident which took place in Palawan, Philippines, a 15-year-old boy, Romilo Miranda, died after a crocodile leapt at him when he was accompanying his cousins and uncle during fishing. The crocodile attacked him and bit him in the nape before dragging him deep into the water. The incident occured last month.

Miranda’s uncle, Pablo Sarmiento, while remembering the horrific incident, revealed that even though they wanted to help the boy, they backed off fearing that the crocodile will kill them too.

A team of the Philippines Coast Guards, maritime police and municipal government conducted a search and rescue operation immediately after the incident occurred but could not locate the boy.