Curly Sue star Alisan Porter has a baby, 11 years after the cute kid, now grown up at 31, starred in the John Hughes film alongside James Belushi.

The Curly Sue star, who played a precocious homeless girl, is gushing over her new baby, Mason Blason Autenreith. Porter posted a photo of the newborn boy on her Instagram account.

The child is the first for Alisan Porter and husband Brian Autenrieth.

Mason Blaise Autenrieth. 7 lbs 20 inches long. Born 7/17 we are all very in love, Porter tweeted just before midnight Tuesday.

In the Instagram shot are Mason and his stepsister, Carrie, according to E!

Like any new parent, the Curly Sue star is in love with Mason, tweeting another Instagram photo of the newborn on Wednesday.

Mason is keeping Porter up at night, the Curly Sue star indicated.

Can't sleep just staring at my child, the 31-year-old actress tweeted.

Porter is best known for Curly Sue, the John Hughes film from 1991. The actress has had limited work since then, last appearing in the Eddie Murphy flop Meet Dave in 2008, where her role was chorus line dancer.

But it's Porter's role as new mom that is taking up all her time.

Alisan Porter had kept her more than 10,000 Twitter followers abreast of developments in her pregnancy, announcing to the world that her water broke at 9:40 a.m. Tuesday.

The Curly Sue star also tweeted how Mason was giving her a tough time just before she gave birth, including:

Hour 16. No baby. He's prob changing his outfit 400 times like his mother.

Mason is tardy for the party.

Energy is so important at any time but mainly wen your pregnant. If its not like cool flowing water over rocks glistening in the sun ?#GETOUT