Jane the Virgin
“Jane the Virgin” will say goodbye to fans after airing the 100th episode of Season 5. The CW

Even though “Jane the Virgin” fans would like the show to go on forever, the series has finally reached its peak and will officially end in Season 5.

The CW made this announcement on Thursday, adding that fellow show “iZombie” will also be end with its fifth season while “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” will bid adieu with its fourth season.

The CW president Mark Pedowitz told Variety of the canceled series: “We will miss each of those shows in terms of what they’ve done. They’ve helped the perception of the CW across the board.”

With the end in mind, what will happen to the show’s beloved characters, Jane (Gina Rodriguez), Rafael (Justin Baldoni), and Michael (Brett Dier)?

During the final scene of Season 4, when things were going so well between Jane and Rafael, her late husband Michael came back from the dead.

The stars of the show, including showrunner Jennie Snyder Urman, refused to confirm or deny if the person standing in Raf’s apartment really is Michael, or if it was his twin brother. Many fans began forming theories about this surprise appearance: maybe Michael faked his own death. Maybe Michael had amnesia.

Whatever the case, Baldoni is hoping that his character would get to live happily ever after with Jane. “I mean, look, my hope is that [Jane and Rafael] can end up together. But I hope that it’s not without some serious struggle, because selfishly, as an actor, that’s what makes it interesting. And I think that’s also reflective of life,” he told Cosmopolitan.

Baldoni added that Jane and Raf already faced “insurmountable, crazy challenges,” but he said that relationships are all like that. “What I love about the show is you see how they’re handling it. Marriage is hard,” he said. “It’s not easy to be with someone and make it work, because there’s two people with different backgrounds that have their own [expletive].”

Meanwhile, Urman said during an earlier interview that all the questions fans have in their minds right now will be answered during the first episode of Season 5.

“We’ll pick up pretty continuously once Jane comes out of her faint. We left everything at the height, we can’t skip over any of it! There are so many questions. We have to return to that room with Jane and watch Michael and Raf,” she said.

“Jane the Virgin” Season 5 will end with its 100th episode.