Head to the year 2199 with The CW’s new summer sci-fi action series, “Pandora,” which premieres on the network tonight.

“[The show’s] about a resourceful young woman who has lost everything but finds a new life at Earth’s Space Training Academy where she and her friends learn to defend the Galaxy from threats, both alien and human,” according to the synopsis. “When secrets about the nature of her own identity begin to surface, she must uncover the truth, and whether she will be humanity’s savior or the instrument of its destruction.”

With “The 100” Season 6 continuing to air new episodes on Tuesdays and “The Outpost” Season 2 airing on Thursdays, it’s the season of sci-fi and fantasy on The CW, and this new show is going to fit right in, while also standing out.

Before episode 1, titled “Shelter From The Storm,” premieres, find out how you might already know the “Pandora” cast:

Priscilla Quintana as JAX (a.k.a. Pandora)

This will be the actress’ first series regular gig, but she’s had guest spots on shows like “Lethal Weapon” and “Masters of Sex.” Quintana was also in the 2018 thriller “Traffik,” starring Paula Patton and Omar Epps.

pandora cast main Priscilla Quintana stars as Jax and Oliver Dench as Xander in The CW’s new series, “Pandora.” Photo: The CW

Oliver Dench (Xander Duvall)

After playing the role of Will on the teen Canadian equestrian drama, “Ride,” in 2016, Dench went on to star as Sam Warner in the Sky YA series “The Athena.” Acting runs in his family as his great aunt is none other than Oscar winner Dame Judi Dench.

Raechelle Banno (Atria Nine)

She’s best known for her time on the popular Australian soap opera “Home and Away,” which she was on from 2015 to 2018 in the role of Olivia Fraser Richards.

pandora cast 4 Raechelle Banno portrays Atria Nine on The CW’s “Pandora.” - Photo: The CW

John Harlan Kim (Greg Li)

A few years after a recurring role as Dale McGregor on Australian soap “Neighbours,” Kim landed the role of Ezekiel Jones on TNT’s adventure-comedy series, “The Librarians,” which also starred Rebecca Romijn, Christian Kane and Lindy Booth and ended last year.

Ben Radcliffe (Ralen)

In 2017, Radcliffe starred as Iggi in the British Disney Channel show, “The Evermoor Chronicles,” and he most recently recurred on the British children’s drama “Hetty Feather” as Robert.

pandora cast 2 See Ben Radcliffe as Ralen and John Harlan Kim as Greg when “Pandora” premieres on Tuesday. Photo: The CW

Banita Sandhu (Delaney Pilar)

Her first onscreen role arrived last year when she starred in the Indian romance film “October.”

Martin Bobb-Semple (Thomas James Ross)

In 2014, he starred on the short-form children’s web series “Dixi,” but Bobb-Semple’s likely best known for his role as Alex on Netflix’s teen equestrian series, “Free Rein.”

pandora cast 3 Catch Martin Bobb-Semple as Thomas Ross, Banita Sendhu as Delaney Pilar and Priscilla Quintana as Jax on “Pandora.” Photo: The CW

Noah Huntley (Professor Donovan Osborn)

Huntley also worked on Netflix’s “Free Rein,” where he portrayed the character of Elliot, and, before that, he played Alistair Lacey on “The Royals,” King Magnus in “Snow White and the Huntsman” and Luke McAllister on “Emmerdale,” among other things. Most recently, he played Caspian in Lifetime’s “Harry & Meghan: Becoming Royal.”

pandora noah huntley Noah Huntley stars as Osborn on “Pandora.” Photo: The CW

Check out “Pandora” when Season 1 premieres on Tuesday at 8 p.m. EDT