It’ll be exactly a year since Season 2 of Netflix’s teen equestrian series, “Free Rein,” dropped when Season 3 comes out on Saturday (July 6). This time around, though, the break between the two seasons was a bit easier for fans because they were treated to two holiday specials — one around Christmas and the other around Valentine’s Day.

Now, in the 10 all-new episodes, it’s summertime again, and there are many more adventures to be had for Zoe (Jaylen Barron), her horse Raven, her boyfriend Pin (Freddy Carter), her new bestie Gaby (Charlotte Jordan), the Pony Squad and the rest of the gang.

“Zoe’s got everything she ever dreamed of. A promising riding career with her dream horse Raven, a new best friend living in her house, and a boyfriend who’s an actual duke,” the synopsis reveals. “But when a pregnant moor pony leaves her herd to seek shelter at Bright Fields it’s the start of an adventure that will push Zoe and the gang to their limits.”

What else can fans expect from “Free Rein” Season 3? While chatting with International Business Times, star Barron answered that and a few other burning questions.

International Business Times: Rosie (Navia Robinson) and Maggie (Natalie Gumede) were last seen at the end of Season 2. Are Zoe’s sister and mom back in the United States for good?

Jaylen Barron: They went back to the United States to go take care of some things, but, who knows, they might come back to see [Zoe], you never know.

IBT: Is the Academy and Bright Fields just for riding or is it for school, too? We never see any characters go to school, so it’s hard to tell how much time has passed or what schooling is being done by any of the characters.

Barron: Yeah, that’s so funny because our favorite thing, even when I’m on set, and I’m like, are any of you kids in school? What’s going on? But the Academy, I think, is just to perfect your riding skills. And I’d like to say in an imaginary world, they are, like, home-schooled or something because, obviously, you’d think by the time Christmas came around they had to be in school since September, right?

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Season 3 of Jaylen Barron’s Netflix series, “Free Rein,” comes out on Saturday. Netflix

It’s based over the summer. So, Season 1 was the beginning of the summer, and Season 2’s the end of the summer. Then you go into the specials, which goes into Christmastime and Valentine’s Day, and then we get back into summer.

IBT: So, theoretically, between all of these holiday specials, Zoe’s getting some schooling in?

Barron: Theoretically, somewhere she’s doing some biology and some algebra. That’s what I think because she’s a strong, educated woman.

IBT: And then Season 3 brings us back to summer vacation?

Barron: We’re back into the summer, once again, part 3.

IBT: What can you kind of tease about Season 3? A lot can change between Valentine’s Day and summer vacation.

Barron: You’ll definitely see way more relationships change. Gaby and Zoe’s relationship changes. You’ll have to watch for is it for the good, or is it for the not? Pony Squad’s still going strong. Zoe and Pin’s relationship, I can guarantee you that it is solid and great, and they’re such a healthy couple. They’re not toxic at all.

IBT: The way Season 3 ends, and with how the show’s been going, could you see it going on for a Season 4 and beyond?

Barron: I do feel like it can go on for more seasons because it got nominated for another NAACP award, and, I’m not sure if we got nominated for another Emmy, but I feel like why not?

All 10 episodes of “Free Rein” Season 3 will be released on Netflix on Saturday (July 6).