Dallas Love Field Airport
An airplane takes off from Dallas Love Field airport, with downtown Dallas in the background, Oct. 16, 2014. Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

A man shot by a police officer at an airport near downtown Dallas on Friday had been involved in a domestic dispute with the mother of his children, local police said.

The man, who was taken alive to a local hospital to be treated for gunshot wounds, was throwing rocks at a woman at Dallas Love Field airport early Friday afternoon as officers approached. An officer with a gun drawn was able to move the woman away from the suspect. The man didn’t stand down.

“The individual came toward [the officer] again, and so he [the officer] discharged his weapon a number of times," Assistant Police Chief Randy Blankenbaker told reporters.

A video captured by a witness and posted on Instagram shows what appears to be an airport security officer with his gun drawn and pointing into the baggage claim area, ordering someone repeatedly to “stay down.” After several moments the officer fires four shots, sending travelers scurrying for cover. He later fires five more shots.

The woman was unhurt. Police did not release the name or condition of the suspect by late Friday afternoon. A witness told CNN the suspect (who is not seen in the video) approached the officer with a large rock.

Police said the dispute started at a car parked near the baggage claim next to a landscaped rock garden. The suspect was seen using the rocks to shatter the vehicle’s windows. The airport, where the headquarters for Southwest Airlines is located, remained open during the incident.