Sorry Abby Lee Miller, it looks like even you are replaceable.

Following Miller’s televised physical altercation with former “Dance Moms” star Kelly Hyland last week, fans of the reality series are now attacking the infamous Abby Lee Dance Company coach online, classifying her infamous antics as “child abuse” and requesting that Lifetime replace her or cancel the hit show. While the controversial battle ultimately led to the "arrest" of Hyland (mother to former ALDC dancers Brooke, 16, and Paige, 13) for alleged assault and not Miller, fans are now calling out the Pittsburgh-based coach for her four seasons worth of questionable behavior on the program.

“Abby is a mean and evil person and should not be working with children," viewer Sue David Lawyer posted on the official “Dance Moms” Facebook page Tuesday night. Lawyer also asked for the cancellation of the reality dance competition series, an opinion shared by many other viewers on the network's social media account. “Lifetime needs to pull this show. The treatment of these children is mentally and verbally abusive. Disgusting behavior and should not be allowed on TV,” said Ninfa Vela Etheridgeon on Wednesday, a former fan who claims she stopped watching the hit series last year. “There is a difference between criticism and verbal abuse," said viewer Toni Cerbone-Romano, who added, "She has crossed the line into verbal abuse way too often!” “What this woman is doing is abusing these children,” posted another fan, April Neely Casey.

Despite a majority of viewers complaining about the 47-year-old dance coach's tough love teaching tactics, others are also criticizing the several moms who star alongside Miller in the series. “I can't stand this show anymore! The mother's of these girls should be ashamed of themselves allowing that monster to speak to their children like that!” user Tracy Wall Maxey said on Tuesday. “When the hell are those moms going to act like mothers and get their kids out of that toxic environment? The damage being done is horrific,” said viewer Cara Lynn, who described the televised “emotional crumbling” of Miller’s underaged students as “sick.”

While some viewers are threatening to boycott the program or claim to have already tuned out, others have merely suggested a casting shakeup, one that includes the dismissal of Miller. “Abby keeps saying that everyone is replaceable. Doesn’t she realize the same goes for her?” said viewer Janet Baker on Tuesday. “Does anybody else think that Abby has slid off the deep end? Please, please, please Lifetime, get a NEW choreographer,” said Angel Garber. “Everyone is replaceable so let’s replace the mean and abuser Abby. Why is she [allowed] to abuse these children? What is wrong with this network wake up Lifetime… REPLACE ABBY THE ABUSER,” posted Rose McCarthy Vurajic.

Last month TMZ reported that Hyland was arrested following an altercation with Miller after a dance-related argument at a New York dance competition back in November. The co-stars appeared in court in New York in on Jan. 21 where Miller reportedly pressed charges against the mother of three. Following the controversial episodes airing on Feb. 11, Hyland filed a lawsuit against Miller for a minimum of $5 million in punitive damages for assault, defamation and breach of contract. Unidentified "Dance Moms" producers were also reportedly included in the suit.

“Dance Moms” airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Lifetime.

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