"Dance Moms"
The stars of Lifetime's reality-TV series "Dance Moms" (left to right) Kendall Vertes, Sarah Hunt, Kalani Hilliker and JoJo Siwa. Rebecka Schumann

Abby Lee Miller’s attempt to rebuild her elite junior team ahead of her latest business venture, ALDC LA, will be in full effect on next week’s episode of “Dance Moms.” In the Season 5 installment, the dance coach will introduce a new unofficial member to the team. Unfortunately for Abby, her pursuit of the new dancer -- following the loss of three team members and the temporary absence of her favorite student -- will not go smoothly in episode 3, “JoJo with a Bow Bow.”

With her go-to dancer Maddie Ziegler, 12, absent for the week due to a performance with “Chandelier" singer Sia at the Hollywood Bowl, Abby will turn to a familiar face to add new life to her group dance in episode 3. Hold onto your hairbows, “Dance Moms” fans -- Season 2 “Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition” contestant, JoJo Siwa, 11, will be the performer making her ALDC debut. Abby’s ensemble group member Sarah Hunt, 9, and her mother, Christy, will also star.

With Maddie in Los Angeles, you might think that the moms have nothing to complain about in episode 3, but you would be wrong. “Abby needs a sub for Maddie, so she calls in new dancer JoJo, whose star quality threatens both the moms and the girls,” Lifetime’s synopsis teases.

And it’s not just JoJo’s presence that will upset the “Dance Moms.” In a promo for the installment, the mothers can be heard expressing their frustrations over Abby’s apparent lack of interest in the weekly group routine — a religion-inspired contemporary number, “Something to Believe In.”

“It looks like a freaking mess,” mom Kira Girard says as Abby is seen ignoring her students and using her cell phone.

Abby will get on their bad side again when she fails to show up to the competition on time.

“It speaks volumes,” mom Holly Frazier says of Abby’s tardiness in the promo.

And when Abby does finally arrive to the venue, the moms don’t left her off the hook.

“Don’t you think you should tell the kids you’re not going to be here?” JoJo’s mom, Jessalynn, asks Abby. The coach responds by stating that JoJo should have performed for the judges during the competition, not her. "If I was sitting in that front row she would have been dancing for me,” Abby says.

Competition results:

Abby’s alleged neglect of this week’s group routine apparently took a toll. IBTimes witnessed the ALDC performance place second at In10sity Dance Regionals in Warren, New Jersey, Oct. 25. While the team may have suffered, two of the ALDC's soloists managed to secure wins. Mackenzie Ziegler, 10, placed first overall in the junior division for her acro routine “Boom Boom.” “Dance Moms” returnee Sarah took home first in the mini division for her lyrical number “One Heart.” JoJo -- despite giving an electrifying performance -- placed third for her contemporary dance.

“Dance Moms” Season 5, episode 3 airs Tuesday, Jan. 20, at 9 p.m. EST on Lifetime.