Abby Lee Miller just got served. In Season 5, episode 2 of “Dance Moms," the infamous ALDC coach not only faced off with several dance moms, she also sparred with two students from her junior elite competition team. 

The episode, titled “Abby Got Served,” started off rough for Abby after she was presented with official court documents regarding her lawsuit against ex-student Paige Hyland, 14. But the drama didn’t stop there. Just days ahead of the elite team’s second competition of the season at Energy National Dance in Detroit, Michigan, she decided to have her number one student, Maddie Ziegler, 12, face off against returnee Kalani Hilliker, 14. 

“This is the big showdown. Everybody has been waiting for it,” Abby said.

In Season 3, Abby denied Kalani the right to go against Maddie at competition. So why the change of heart? It appears a scheduled solo appearance by her former ensemble team member Ava Cota, 12, and her mom, Jeanette, had something to do with it.

“If that other kid, the stalker’s kid, gets... even near you guys [at awards], look out!” Abby warned the girls.

Unfortunately for Abby, this week’s battle did not only take place on the dance floor. After a tense photoshoot at the ALDC studio in Pittsburgh, the team traveled to Detroit only to be confronted by Jeanette’s team, JC’s Broadway Dance Academy.

The tension between the two teams came to a head after Abby was spotted snapping her fingers and telling Ava “Let’s go!“ backstage ahead of the solo performances. While Abby denied getting in the teen’s face, Jeanette filed an official complaint with the competition, an action which didn’t sit too well with Abby.

“Abby, you can’t go backstage when another group is dancing and intimate anybody,” Gina, the owner of Energy National Dance, said to Abby.

“How dare you speak to me that way!" Abby responded after being confronted with the allegations. “This is bold face lying!”

After the blowout, the ALDC team managed to secure a first-place win for their “Orange is the New Black”  jazz funk number “Stomp the Yard.” The soloists however, were not so lucky at the awards ceremony. While Maddie managed to score second-place with her lyrical solo, Kalani’s acro number only took home fourth and was beat out by Ava’s lyrical piece, which placed third. After losing to her rival’s child, Abby took her frustrations out on her own team members in the dressing room.

After calling the competition “rigged” following the awards ceremony, dance mom Holly Frazier scolded Abby for sharing her accusations. Abby responded by telling Holly that her daughter Nia Frazier, 14, has “pathetic feet” and that she doesn’t need to follow her to her West Coast studio, ALDC LA. The coach continued her rant by slamming Kendall Vertes, 12, for failing to introduce herself during an impromptu audition exercise and calling her mom Jill a “bad mother.”

“Kendall, your mom will stick her hand up your butt and move your mouth like a puppet,” Abby told Kendall.

“Please, stop. Please. You’re really embarrassing me!” Kendall said through tears. 

When the ALDC student attempted to leave the premises, Abby ordered her to refrain from walking away. Fortunately for Kendall, her teammate, Nia, came to her rescue. 

“Quit disrespecting everybody!” Nia said to Abby.

“OK. But you’re not respecting me,” Abby responded.

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