Abby Lee Miller is back for more “Dance Moms,” and this time, she has a brand-new team.

When Season 7 of the Lifetime series ended in 2017, it was unclear what the future held for the remaining ALDC members. Now, it appears coach Abby has cultivated a group of fresh faces to continue her legacy in the dance competition world.

After several days of teasing her return to “Dance Moms” by posting pictures of her new team, Abby shared a clip of her group performing at a competition over the weekend. It was revealed by a spoiler site that the taping occurred at Starbound in Red Bank, New Jersey, on Feb. 2.

“And the show must go on,” Abby captioned a video of the team performing their first group dance titled “Broken Heart.”

Abby continued to tease the new season by revealing her current students may not all be sticking around for the long haul. “Here’s to new beginnings! Who will stay? Who will go? Stay Tuned!” she captioned a team shot.


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The new team will consist of only one familiar face, and it is not a member of the original ALDC team. It appears Lilliana Ketchman from Season 7 is returning to the series. New cast members consist of dancers Brady Farrar, GiaNina Paolantonio, Hannah Colin, Sarah Georgiana, Pressley Hosbach, Savannah Kristich, and Kamryn Smith, who was absent from the first competition.

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With months to go until the confirmed “Dance Moms” summer premiere, it will be quite some time before viewers get to see the new group perform together. However, the results of the first competition have already been leaked. One spoiler site reported that the group received first in the junior division for their lyrical number “Broken Heart.”

The team also entered two trios, one of which secured first place in the junior duet/trio division. The top honor went to dancers GiaNina, Hannah, and Sarah for the lyrical piece “Dance With The Devil.” Third-place in the same category was awarded to dancers Pressley, Lilliana, and Savannah for their acrobatic number titled “The Favorite.”

Brady was rumored to have entered a solo which was later pulled from the competition. Rumors suggest the number was removed due to an argument between his mother and the show’s producers.

The new “Dance Moms” team is expected to make their second Season 8 appearance at DreamMaker in Wilmington, Ohio, on Feb. 9.

“Dance Moms: Resurrection” premieres in June on Lifetime.

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Pictured is "Dance Moms" star Abby Lee Miller. Lifetime