Trouble is on the horizon for original “Dance Moms” star Nia Frazier. The synopsis for Season 5, episode 11 teases that the dancer will be on coach Abby Lee Miller’s chopping block in Tuesday's installment.

Ahead of the ALDC’s competition on their home turf in Philadelphia, Abby will start to feel the pressure in episode 11, “Nia’s Last Chance.” Unfortunately for her students, she appears to take the brunt of her frustrations out on them. “Nia, Maddie and Kendall are feeling the pressure with solos,” the synopsis teases. “Nia is singled out with an ultimatum from Abby.” Viewers will remember that Nia’s future with the ALDC was questioned mere episode ago in the Season 5 installment “Nia Risks It All.”

However, it’s not just Nia, 13, who will be on Abby’s bad side. According to the network, Nia’s mom, Holly Frazier, will also go against the team in episode 11. After being “frustrated by the lack of support” from her fellow ALDC dance moms, Holly will reportedly “make friends with two unlikely allies.” Her new friendships will result in her alienation from the rest of the “original moms,” according to the synopsis.

While the synopsis teases that it will be Nia's spot on the team that is at risk during Tuesday’s installment, it appears Maddie Ziegler will be the one to get a decent number of the judge's negative critiques at the weekly competition. In a promo for the episode, Abby reveals that her dancers will be judged live for the first time. “The only reason I am going through with this is to teach the moms a lesson,” Abby says in the promo. However, it doesn’t appear Abby’s plan to teach the moms a lesson goes accordingly.

After Abby’s go-to dancer Maddie performs her solo, the judges have more than several critiques for the Sia music video star. “Try to relax your face in your turns a little bit,” one judge tells the 12-year-old ALDC dancer. “I really need you to pull up on those thighs and stretch those knees,” says a second judge as Abby and Maddie’s mom, Melissa Gisoni, look on sporting equally confused expressions. 

“I am on the edge of my seat right now, there is nothing Abby can do,” Holly says in the promo.  “I will be humiliated,” Abby responds.

So how did the girls fare in episode 11? And did Nia’s performance put her in jeopardy of forever losing her spot on the ALDC team? According to one “Dance Moms" spoiler site, Nia did not manage to bring home a win for Abby when the team attended New York Dance Experience in Philadelphia on Dec. 21. Her solo, “The Color Purple,” reportedly took home an elite gold trophy but did not place in the overalls. Despite her loss, future competition results and unaired performance videos confirm that Nia was not booted from the series following episode 11. 

Just like Nia, Kendall Vertes, 12, was also awarded an elite gold win for her lyrical number “Waiting On a Train to Paris.” Despite getting several tough critiques from the judges, Maddie managed to secure elite gold and win first overall for her contemporary solo “The Mannequin.” The team’s routine “Decadent Darlings” took home third overall.

Season 5 episodes of “Dance Moms” air Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EDT on Lifetime.