"Dance Moms"
Nia Frazier's allegiance to Abby Lee Miller will be tested in episode 6 of "Dance Moms" Season 5. Rebecka Schumann

If you thought last week’s episode of “Dance Moms” was dramatic, you might want to buckle up before tuning in for episode 6. Lifetime’s synopsis for next Tuesday’s installment, “Nia Risks It All,” reveals Abby Lee Miller will engage in her “biggest fight yet” with one of the dance moms. It also teases the idea that one of Abby’s dancers could be getting the boot.

So who might be on the chopping block? It will come as no surprise to “Dance Moms” fans that Abby appears to be edging out her long-standing performer Nia Frazier, 14, in episode 6. Viewers will remember that Nia’s mom, Holly Frazier, and Abby were involved in a heated argument in episode 5 after Abby refused to give Nia and the rest of the Abby Lee Dance Company girls advice ahead of their first casting call in Los Angeles. In retaliation, Abby scolded Nia’s performance in front of the professionals, an action that resulted in the dance mom looking for a new manager for Nia at the end of the episode.

While things appeared to be on the up-and-up for the ALDC dancer, the synopsis reveals Abby will not take the news of Holly’s betrayal lightly. “Things do not settle down when Abby and Holly have their biggest and most shocking fight ever,” teases the network. “Holly and Nia grow especially fearful of their futures with the ALDC.”

“That woman is insane. That little girl deserves better,” Holly says in an episode promo. “Get your act together! Stop telling lies!” she yells at Abby before turning her attention to her fellow dance moms, saying, “All of you women ... are cowards!”

Despite Abby constantly telling her students to “save your tears for your pillow,” it appears Holly’s rant will evoke some heavy emotions from the tough coach. “Nobody is going to talk to me that way! No one!” Abby says through tears.

In response to their feud, Holly will reportedly “go behind Abby’s back to work with a huge star, despite the consequences.” In the promo, it appears the celebrity helping Nia’s career will be Danity Kane singer Aubrey O’Day.

With Miller already down three official competition team members, is it possible another girl will soon exit the series? While it’s uncertain what the future holds for Nia at the ALDC, she did attend the competition for episode 6, which was held at Panorama High School in Los Angeles Nov. 15. Despite her appearance, one “Dance Moms” spoiler site reported she did not compete in the group number “War Torn.”

Competition Results

So how did the elite junior team fare without Nia? The group’s contemporary routine reportedly was first overall. Kendall Vertes, 12, placed second overall for her ethnic solo “Welcome to a New World.” And ALDC newcomer JoJo Siwa, 11, finished fifth for her contemporary, “Carrie”-inspired dance, “Prom Queen.”

Episode 6 of “Dance Moms Season 5 will be shown on Lifetime Tuesday, Feb. 10, at 9 p.m. EST.