Brynn Dance Moms
Brynn Rumfallo, pictured on the set of “Dance Moms,” shares her academic goals. Lifetime

Brynn Rumfallo has been pegged as Abby Lee Miller’s next big star since joining “Dance Moms” last winter, but it appears the 13-year-old has even bigger goals in mind.

Speaking to International Business Times recently, Brynn revealed she has dreams other than being a dancer on the Lifetime series. “I would love to go to college,” Brynn told IBT.

Currently studying online school five days a week, Brynn says she’s unsure of an exact career path, but is interested in medicine. “I would love to be surgeon, but I don’t know if that would ever happen… I think surgeries pretty cool,” she said. Brynn’s mother, Ashlee Allen, clarified to IBT that her daughter is particualry interested in plastic surgery.

In the meantime, Brynn, who just wrapped the series’ seventh season, says she’s also interested in further pursuing other entertainment jobs.

“I would probably do more modeling,” Brynn said of her interests. “I’ve done voice lessons and stuff and I do acting lessons but my favorite thing to do other than dance is model. I think I could definitely have a career in modeling.”

“I could do so many things,” the Arizona native added. “But everything that I want to do would have to be here in California and LA so I definitely have to be here a lot more to make that happen. I will just have to see!”