kalani hilliker
Kalani Hilliker, photographed at a "Dance Moms" event in Santa Monica, California, on May 30, reveals she's not a fan of her mom's pregnancy news. Lifetime

The cast of Lifetime’s “Dance Moms” is about to gain a new member, but one of the show’s stars isn’t thrilled about the addition. A bonus clip from last week’s Season 5 installment of “Dance Moms” reveals that Kalani Hilliker is conflicted over her mother Kira Girard’s third pregnancy.

In episode 29, “Baby Dance Mama Drama,” Kira excitedly told her fellow dance moms and her daughter’s coach, Abby Lee Miller, that she’s expecting. The 34-year-old reality star said she was five months along and kept her pregnancy a secret for so long due to some complications she was having. Viewers didn’t get to see Kalani’s reaction to the big announcement, but Lifetime has now released a never-before-seen clip of Kira and Kalani discussing the pregnancy.

At the start of the clip Kira asks her 14-year-old daughter if she’s OK with her making the pregnancy public knowledge. Kalani informs her mother that she was already well-aware that she was expecting.

“You know what your reaction was at the beginning of it,” Kira shares as her reason for checking up on her feelings.

“It’s still the same way,” Kalani, looking visibly annoyed, responds. In an effort to leave their conversation, she asks Kira if she can rejoin her teammates to practice, but Kira denies her request.

“I just want to reassure you no matter what happens your life isn’t going to change,” Kira says. “You’re still going to be able to dance and do everything you want to do.”

Kalani says she’s aware her life will not be changed by her family’s newest addition. She later tells Kira she’s “going to be out in four years” time. “I’ll barely even know it,” she adds.

In a separate interview, Kira says Kalani has been having “very mixed emotions” about the pregnancy. “One day she’s telling me, ‘It’s not fair. I’m not going know him because I’m only here for four more years.’ And then, on the other side, I think she’s worried about how it’s going to affect her and her career and her being here at the ALDC [Abby Lee Dance Company].”

Watch the Season 5 deleted scene here:

Kira announced her pregnancy to “Dance Moms” fans on July 21, just hours before she made her announcement to viewers on the show. She is due to welcome a baby boy in the fall. This is her first child with fiancé David Newman. The couple has been engaged since June. Kira also has a son, Jax, from a previous relationship.

“Dance Moms” airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EDT on Lifetime.