The weeks are flying by in Season 24 of “Dancing With the Stars” and the five remaining duos are feeling the pressure. In Week 8, the pairs performed two routines — one together and one with the addition of a third partner — before facing elimination.

Team Shad Squad (Emma Slater and Rashad Jennings) kicked off the evening with a Jive routine. The pair were hopeful they’d be able to score high with the judges and knock Team Valmani (Val Chmerkovskiy and Normani Kordei) out of first place. They hit the ballroom together, dancing to “Shake a Tail Feather” by the Blues Brothers and delivered a fun and impressive performance with only minor missteps.

Team Lady and the Gramp (Lindsay Arnold and David Ross) rounded out the evening on an almost equally impressive routine. The pair, who have garnered a reputation for being silly on the show, were able to tap into some deep emotion on Monday. That translated into a powerful routine, that impressed the judges and “DWTS” viewers in the audience and at home.

After showing their dancing chops with their Season 24 “DWTS” partners, the duos were joined in the ballroom by a third dancer. The additions were chosen by the judges at random. Some were familiar to “DWTS” fans — namely Alan Bersten, who joined the cast Week 2 through 4 to perform with Heather Morris in Maksim Chmerkovskiy’s absence and Witney Carson, who was eliminated in Week 2.

Much like the “DWTS” dance off in Week 6, pairs were awarded a second score for their trio routines. Points were added to their overall score at the end of the night. The highest possible score was 80, though no one — not even the highest scoring among the Season 24 cast members — would be spared from elimination.

So how’d the “DWTS” Season 24 cast perform in Week 8? Find out their scores, the highs and lows of their two routines and which team got the ax:

Team Shad Squad

Emma and Rashad were the first “DWTS” Season 24 duo to perform in Week 8. The pair hit the ballroom hard with a high-energy Jive that had the audience on their feet. The routine was fast paced and nearly perfect, which is exactly what Team Shad Squad was hoping for.

The judges were impressed, though they felt it lacked some polish. Each critiqued Rashad’s footwork ever so slightly, recommending that he focus on that ahead of the finals. Their negative comments weren’t reflected in Rashad and Emma’s score though!

Score: 36 out of 40

Team Valmani

Val and Normani followed up that performance with a powerful contemporary piece that paid homage to a difficult time in the Fifth Harmony singer’s life. During her package, she opened up about being bullied by racists online who created images of her being whipped and hung. The performance put Normani in the spotlight with Val helping to uplift her while others try to tear her down.

The routine showcased a new side of Normani and Val as they tapped into some heavy emotions. The judges were, as they always are, beyond words — Julianne Hough nearly broke down as she delivered her thoughts on the performance. Team Valmani’s score reflected the judges’ feelings about the storytelling, contend and performing.

Score: 40 out of 40

Team Denim N Diamonds

Sharna Burgess and Bonner Bolton have struggled to survive on Season 24 of “DWTS” and in Week 8, they nearly succumbed to the pressure. In their package, the pair butted heads in practice, which threatened to derail their Argentine Tango to “Believer” by Imagine Dragons.

Fortunately, it seems they were able to get back on track after their studio blow up. The pair took to the ballroom and delivered an impressive routine, but it didn’t quite stand up to the teams that came before them. How would they fair against the rest of the Season 24 cast?

The judges felt Bonner fell a bit shy of perfect in nailing his footwork. They praised his subtle improvement but reminded him that “DWTS” wasn’t going to get any easier. In fact, Len Goodman said he thought Sharna and Bonner went “a squidge too far” in Season 24.

Score: 30 out of 40

Team Golden Giggles

Sasha Farber and Simone Biles delivered the penultimate solo performance of the night. The pair did a Foxtrot to “That’s What Makes You Beautiful” by One Direction. Sasha revealed in the package that he chose the song because he’s had such fun showing Simone the many things about herself that make her beautiful — even the ones she may not see just yet.

Determined to deliver a more impressive connection, Team Golden Giggles hit the ballroom dancefloor hard. Their footwork was fast, their lines were outstanding, but the judges still felt Simone was holding back some raw emotion. All the same, Team Golden Giggles scored pretty high with the judges.

Score: 36 out of 40

Team Lady And The Gramp

Lindsay Arnold and David Ross had a lot to prove in Week 8. Viewers were shocked the pair survived Week 7 and so was the former Chicago Cubs catcher. The pressure was on Monday night and it weighed heavy on the duo.

“DWTS” viewers were treated to the emotional side of David, who broke down after learning that Lindsay had chosen “Humble and Kind” by Tim McGraw for them to Waltz to. He explained that he was raised with the values reflected in the song and was honored that his Season 24 partner was able to see that in him.

In the ballroom, David and Lindsay delivered with the polish and emotion they lacked in previous routines. While it wasn’t perfect, it was a vast improvement and a change of pace for the two of them. The judges saw that and praised them for their impressive improvement.

“You guys call yourselves Lady and the Gramp? I think you can ditch that. I think you can call yourselves Lady and the Champ,” Carrie Ann Inaba said.

Score: 36 out of 40

Trio Dances

Team Shad Squad + Witney Carson

Emma and Rashad were joined for a trio routine by Witney Carson, who was eliminated in Week 2 on “DWTS” Season 24. The group — dubbed Menage Au Shad — worked hard on a routine depicting a man in a relationship being tempted by another woman. They peppered a few fun tricks fans hadn’t seen from Team Shad Squad before into their Argentine Tango and nailed all of them.

The routine was one of their best yet, which is saying a lot considering their spot on the leaderboard. The judges loved the “passion” and “storytelling” in the routine, though Len critiqued Rashad’s footing a bit. Bruno called the routine “an erotic chain reaction,” joking that Rashad can “handle two better than one.”

Score: 39 out of 40, bringing their total to 75

Team Valmani + Alan Bersten

Alan Bersten rejoined this leading “DWTS” Season 24 team for a Jive routine. Val decided this performance was going to be a country routine, which is another thing we haven’t seen from Normani and Val. While Normani was new to the Jive, she felt comfortable in the arms of her two pro partners, who are no strangers to the style.

The routine was fast paced, full of sexy shirtless men and, most importantly, flawless. Normani shined, just as she has week after week on “DWTS.” The trio added an extra fun element at the end of their dance, including competitor Bonner Bolton, whom Normani described as her ideal Southern gentleman.

Score: 39 out of 40, bringing their total to 79

Team Denim N Diamonds + Britt Stewart

Sharna and Bonner teamed up with “DWTS” troupe member Britt Stewart for a Jazz routine to “That’s What I Like” by Bruno Mars. The group didn’t let their low scoring early routine hold them back as they returned to the floor for a second time. Sharna, Bonner and their temporary new addition gave it their all in the “DWTS” ballroom, but was it enough?

The trio performed a routine that told the story of a billionaire with two sexy secretaries. Bonner nailed the moves, but was focusing extra hard on perfecting his moves. The judges found the dance slightly raunchy, though “clean and pristine.”

“You didn’t put a step wrong throughout that dance, so I congratulate you,” Len said.

Score: 28 out of 40, bringing their total to 58

Team Golden Giggles + Brittany Cherry

“DWTS” troupe member Brittany Cherry was called upon by the Season 24 judges to join Sasha and Simone for a Paso Doble performance in the latter portion of Monday’s show. The pair faced a unique challenge, Simone having to measure up to Brittany or face harsh criticism from the judges. They stepped up to the challenge in a major way.

They delivered an intense routine, nailing their footwork and more. Simone showcased her intensity and strength rather than her gymnast smile, which the judges have been looking for all along. Len even broke character, sharing an honest moment with Simone in which he urged her to stay the course and get ready for the finals.

Score: 36 out of 40, bringing their total to 72

Team Lady And The Gramp + Hayley Erbert

Lindsay and David teamed up with “DWTS” troupe member Hayley Erbert for a gladiator themed Paso Doble routine to an instrumental version of “Gangsta’s Paradise.” In the pre-performance package, the former Cubs player admitted he was nervous, mostly about the age gap between he and his partners. He was determined, however, not to allow it to get in his way.

The trio hit the ballroom in the final moments of Monday’s show, delivering yet another powerful performance. The routine once again showcased David’s ability to nail footwork and deliver an intense, serious routine. It wasn’t perfect, but it was certainly fun.

Len disagreed, calling it “rough.” Julianne disagreed a bit, calling it “strong.” She did note, however, that David lacked shaping.

Score: 25 out of 40, bringing their total to 65.

After the dances came the really hard part — saying goodbye to one of the five remaining couples ahead of next week’s semifinals. Just before Week 8 came to a close, hosts Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews announced that it was Team Denim N Diamonds leaving the competition. They were ushered out with a roar of applause.

“I was very, very surprised with how far I went,” Bonner said.

Tune in to the semifinals next Monday at 8 p.m. EDT on ABC.