Bristol Palin
Bristol Palin is being sued for defamation by Stephen Hanks, the man who heckled her in a West Hollywood, Calif. bar last September, calling her mother, Sarah, derogatory names. REUTERS

Instead of Bristol Palin going home from "Dancing with the Stars" Tuesday night, former *Nsync member Joey Fatone got the boot.

Sarah Palin's daughter is back on "Dancing with the Stars" for the "All Star" season, and even though she has been scoring the lowest for the past two weeks she was saved by voters.

Bristol Palin remained on the show, even though she had the lowest score from the judges in week 2. Joey Fatone and his professional dancer partner Kym Johnson received the final blow when they were told they didn’t have enough votes from their fans to continue despite earning a 22.5 for their dance.

Fatone joked that it was okay because he had a wedding to go to this week anyway, but his partner seemed devastated as she cried in his arms during their last dance.

While it was clear that everyone during the All Star season wants to be on the show and is having a ball, Palin didn’t even look like she wanted to be there.

She had her glasses on and wasn’t present on the floor during Fatone’s last dance.

The professionals all said they felt extra pressure this year since the competition was so much tougher, and that the success of their partner rested on their choreography and guidance now more than ever.

Everyone but Palin’s partner Mark Ballas agreed. He admitted that his partner isn’t the best dancer, but he’s just trying to make her the best she can be.

Palin’s “ho-down” performance with Mark Ballas was lackluster. Palin messed up a few of the moves and seemed tense on the dance floor.

After their performance, when they got to the judge's table, Carrie Ann Inaba said that since the pair didn’t do their dance properly they were going to get “slammed” by the judges. The duo wound up getting an 18 after breaking the rules by not staying in hold properly throughout the dance and for Palin’s errors.

Since Palin has been saved by her fans, she might have stepped into another tiff with Inaba after reportedly making the following comment about the judges’ critique.

The Clicker from Today quoted her:

"It was pretty ghetto. I was just like, 'OK! Whatever!' It was pretty laughable."

Carrie Ann Inaba doesn’t like to hold anything back when it comes to her comments and she is most likely going to fire back at Palin for her “ghetto” comment.