Following the scandalous breakup of the Jonas Brothers band late last month, the Jonas family is once again in the spotlight after reports have surfaced claiming that Kevin Jonas’s wife, Danielle, is faking her pregnancy.

Danielle Jonas, who announced she was expecting her first child with her former Disney star husband in July, is anything but pregnant, according to a "confirmed" Blind Item from celebrity gossip site Blind Gossip. In the post “Fake Bump,” the site claims the 26-year-old hairdresser-turned-reality star has been wearing a synthetic bump to feign pregnancy because the Jonas family is “desperate for attention.”

“Danielle Jonas of the reality show 'Married to Jonas' is NOT pregnant. She never WAS pregnant. The entire pregnancy was a lie from the very beginning!” read the report.

According to the site, the E! reality star couple is faking the pregnancy in an effort to boost their TV series' "weak" ratings, among other business ventures. Allegedly, the New Jersey native originally used a pillow to trick fans into believing she is expecting a daughter with the 26-year-old singer, but has since upgraded, purchasing five fake pregnancy bellies from the company Moon Bump in May.

Danielle Jonas: Not Really Pregnant?
Danielle Jonas shows off her pregnant baby bump while working out. The reality star posted the picture collage on Instagram in October. Instagram

Blind Gossip asserts that the couple is planning to end the pregnancy by having Jonas suffer a “miscarriage” during her second trimester. (Jonas is currently seven months pregnant-- due January 2014.) “We found out that there is no surrogate, that they have not been able to arrange for an adoption, and that they are frantic that we have exposed their lie,” read the original report, the update adding, “They believed that you would feel sorry for them and would want to support them by buying their stuff and watching their show.”

Allegedly, the married couple are not the only two aboard the fake pregnancy train. Reportedly, “Married to Jonas” producer Ryan Seacrest and the Jonas brothers' father, "Papa Jonas," are also invested in the alleged marketing scheme. “Every single member of the Jonas and Deleasa families were in on this lie from the very beginning,” said the report, adding, “Every interview that Kevin and Danielle and Joe and Nick gave talking about how excited they were to be parents and uncles was a lie.”

Jonas last made headlines for her pregnancy by showing off her baby bump on the December/January cover of Fit Pregnancy last week. “So many celebrities hide that they’re pregnant for a long time and keep everything so quiet,” Jonas told the magazine. “It’s such a joyful time, we’re telling the world and we want to be able to rejoice!" she said.