Jason Statham
Actor Jason Statham will appear as Deckard Shaw in the next "Fast & Furious" film. Reuters

There are very few names in Hollywood right now that are as synonymous with action as Jason Statham and Marvel. Therefore, it’s no surprise rumors began circulating the two would team up despite the actor having some unkind words for the popular super-hero franchise.

While on the press tour for his new action/comedy “Spy,” the 47-year-old actor told a reporter he’s not that interested in what Marvel Studios is doing these days in terms of its fight sequences.

“A lot of the modern sort of action movies I see, Marvel comic sort of things, I just think any guy could do it. I mean, I could take my grandma, put her in a cape, put her on a green screen and they’ll have stunt doubles come in and do all the action,” Statham told entertainment site i400calci. “Anybody could do it. I mean they’re relying on stunt doubles, green screen and a $200 million budget. It’s all CGI created. To me it’s not authentic.”

Interestingly enough, the comments surfaced at the same time a rumor started circulating Statham met with Marvel Studios to discuss joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Following the immense success of its first venture into Netflix TV, Latino Review claimed its trusted inside sources saw Statham meeting with the studio to talk about playing a villain in Season 2 of “Daredevil.” After playing the principal bad guy in “Furious 7” the British actor was reportedly being eyed for the role of Bullseye, a deadly assassin with an impeccable ability never to miss a shot. As ScreenRant points out, this isn’t the first time the actor’s name has come up in conjunction with Daredevil. He previously told reporters he wanted to play the man without fear in 2008, before the MCU was even really a thing.

Unfortunately for comic book and action-movie fans salivating over the idea of Charlie Cox’s Daredevil going toe-to-toe with Statham, Marvel has debunked the rumor, telling Comic Book Resource it had “no truth to it at all.”

Still, with a recent casting call put out for actresses to read for the part of Elektra, it would make sense for the show to want to bring in the Bullseye character as early as Season 2. As for whether or not the “Crank” star is going to be the one with the target on his forehead, that remains to be seen. After all, Marvel only shot down the rumor Statham is going to play Bullseye, not that he won’t show up in the show or another Marvel property altogether. However, appearing on Daredevil would be the best fit for the actor’s gritty violence with no CGI-enhancement sensibilities. After all, who could argue with the infamous single-shot fight scene from “Daredevil” Season 1?

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