"The Dark Knight Rises"
"The Dark Knight Rises" official trailer has been released online and Bane's voice has sparked numerous YouTube parodies. DKR Promotional Poster

Were you among the unlucky ones to miss the recently leaked six-minute prologue of The Dark Knight Rises?

Turns out you aren't so unlucky after all, the leaked video has resurfaced on at least three different Web sites since it was first seen online on Thursday.

Be reminded Warner Brothers asked that it be taken down immediately from the sites that were showing it.

It is, therefore, safe to say that when Warner Brothers gets word that The Dark Knight Rises prologue is still up on these sites, it is highly likely that it will put an end to your early preview of Christopher Nolan's final installment to the Batman trilogy.

Now, the quality of the video is not the best and the audio is not synced on some of the sites that are hosting the video. Nevertheless, you will get the point that this last installment is not one to be missed.

The Dark Knight Rises is set to come out in theaters some time next July.

And if you have heard anything from any of your friends who have happened to see the prologue already, you may hear complains that Bane's voice sounds rather weird. The villain, who is played by Tom Hardy, can be seen wearing a mask that covers his face, so his dialogue is a bit hard to understand.

But one of the sites hosting the video has posted a transcript for you to read as you watch the video.

Here are the sites where you can watch the six-minute prologue before it's gone.

1. Tagtele: The audio is synced with video on this site.

2. Daily Motion: This is one of the sites where the audio doesn't sync with the video.

3. Okay Geek: Audio isn't synced with the video here, either, but they provide a transcript.

You can also watch the video below. Enjoy before it's gone.

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