Darktide Veteran
The Veteran Sharpshooter in Warhammer 40k Darktide Fatshark


  • Sharpshooters generally excel at taking out soft targets
  • The Counterfire feat is amazing for taking out ranged Scabs and Dregs
  • The Kantrael MG XII Lasgun is highly recommended for this build

All of the classes in "Darktide" has some means of dealing with ranged enemies, but the Sharpshooter cranks this up to heights that only it can reach.

Players who love taking on a sniper role in games will love this class, and thankfully, "Darktide's" gameplay caters to this playstyle well despite falling under the horde shooter category, which typically isn't welcoming to marksmen.

There's plenty of value to be had from an eagle-eyed Veteran, and with the proper build, this class can become invaluable in higher difficulties. Here's a sniper-style setup designed for high precision and extreme headshot damage.


  • Exhilarating Takedown
  • Sniper/
  • Bio-Optic Targeting
  • Camo Expert
  • Deadshot
  • Counterfire

This build allows players to stand still without having to worry much about getting attacked thanks to Camo Expert. Meanwhile, Counterfire and Bio-Optic Targeting will let the Sharpshooter do their job tremendously as the former will constantly refresh Volley Fire's duration upon every kill on a marked target.

Deadshot will make hitting targets from a distance easier, though it comes at the cost of stamina. Equip Curios with Stamina Regeneration bonuses to counteract this.

Darktide Sniper Veteran
A sniper feat setup for the Veteran Sharpshooter Darktide

Weapons and Perks

Players can choose between any of the Headhunter Autoguns or either the Lucius or Kantrael pattern lasguns for this build. These three weapon types are designed with precision in mind and can take down lightly-armored targets effortlessly.

A Kantrael MG XII is highly recommended because of its high base damage, good ammo efficiency and overall reliability. Look for one with the following perks and stat bonuses:

  • Ranged Critical Strike Chance
  • Bonus Damage (Flak Armor)
  • Opening Salvo (more power on the first shot in a barrage)
  • Deadly Accurate (more damage on critical weak spot hits)

This will kill any ordinary Scab with a solid hit or two to the chest and one-shot most elites with well-placed headshots. It can also take down Reapers with three to four headshots depending on how many of them crit.

Crushers will be a little problematic with this gun since lasguns don't pierce Carapace Armor. Unless players are using Lucius lasguns, these targets are better off left to other teammates or engaged in melee with a chainsword or power sword.

The Kantrael MG XII in Darktide
The Kantrael MG XII in Darktide Darktide