On Friday night, "Dateline" will give an update on the murder of Sarah Goode. Throughout the new episode, NBC correspondent Andrea Canning will take a closer look at the circumstances surrounding the 21-year-old's disappearance and give the latest information in the case. As stated by a press release, the episode will also feature "extended interviews with key players in the investigation."

In 2014, Goode had decided to make plans for a rare night out. Being the youngest of nine, she looked to her siblings when it came to finding someone to watch her young daughter, Jocelyn, while she went out for the evening. Nick Giannetto, her brother-in-law, eventually said that he would care for the child so that Goode could have some time for herself. At that time, they had planned to meet up the following day for a family birthday party.

However, Goode failed to return home that night. After realizing that she could not be found, those close to her began trying to find the whereabouts of the young mother.

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During their attempts to find more information about what had happened the night before, they learned that Goode had gone to a party that evening. However, initial leads beyond that were scarce. Then, search efforts began.

"Anywhere we thought to even just go, we just went," described someone close to Goode.

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Throughout the investigation, they continued to monitor her social media as well but were faced with constant inactivity. Eventually, a body was discovered in the woods and a blood sample revealed that it was, in fact, Goode.

Following the confirmation, law enforcement began looking for new leads and details as they attempted to find the person responsible for her murder. Throughout their efforts, they took a closer look at the "secrets" of her social media. It was there that they could almost see it happening "in real-time."

"The killer wanted something from her she didn't want to give up," said someone familiar with the case, as seen below.

On Friday night, those who tune in to watch the new episode of the NBC crime show will watch as police try to find the truth and solve all of the unanswered questions as they track phone records in order to begin putting the pieces together.

This episode of "Dateline," called "Finding Sarah Goode," airs Friday night at 9 p.m. EDT on NBC.

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