Dave Chapelle
In this photo, Dave Chapelle speaks onstage at Rihanna's 3rd Annual Diamond Ball Benefitting The Clara Lionel Foundation at Cipriani Wall Street on Sept. 14, 2017 in New York City. Getty Images / Dimitrios Kambouris

Comedian Dave Chappelle's New Year's Eve Netflix stand-up special cast a unique albeit controversial light on the biggest story of 2017: allegations of sexual harassment or misconduct by men in positions of power in politics, media or Hollywood.

"The Bird Revelation” had Chappelle taking a dig at the #MeToo movement, almost defending Kevin Spacey and saying that the allegations against Louis C.K. were “the only ones that made me laugh,” the Daily Mail reported.

During the show, Chappelle took a sly dig at Anthony Rapp, who has accused Spacey of molesting him, and said that the young actor “grew up to be gay anyway.”

Rapp accused Spacey of sexual misconduct in October last year during an interview with Buzzfeed, saying that while working on a Broadway show in 1986 Spacey befriended him and invited him to his room for a party. By the end of the night, he “picked Rapp up, placed him on his bed, and climbed on top of him.”

“I mean it is really bad out here. Kevin Spacey's out here grabbing men by the p----! I didn't even know that was possible!” Chappelle said, referring to the claims that the former "House of Cards" star groped and harassed young men.

According to a report in the Daily Beast, Chappelle also said that he has been to a lot of good parties but he never went to one that had a 14-year-old boy present.

“I've been to a lot of parties in my day. Never been to a good one that had 14-year-old boys in it,' he said before he appeared to suggest that the incident was not that serious because Rapp “grew up to be gay anyway”.

“Kevin Spacey sniffed that shit out like a truffle pig, and not to victim-blame, but it seems like the kind of situation that a gay 14-year-old kid would get himself into," Chappelle added.

Riffing on Spacey’s ouster from the Netflix series, Chappelle almost condemns the actor for his act, but as it turns out it's just a set-up for a biting joke.

“All joking aside, Kevin Spacey shouldn't have done that shit to that kid. He was 14 years old and forced to carry a grown man's secret for 30 years. The saddest part is, if he had been able to carry that secret for another six months, I would get to know how 'House of Cards' ends," he said.

The also took on the case of one of his own: Louis C.K. Louis C.K. has admitted and apologized for forcing women to watch him masturbate.

Chappelle said the allegations against C.K. were “the only ones that made me laugh.”

He also said that the consequences for his conduct "might be disproportionate."

“It’s terrible, I know it’s terrible,” Chappelle says. “Ladies, you are right. But at the same time, Jesus Christ, they took everything from Louis. I think it might be disproportionate. I can’t tell. This is where it’s hard to be man.”

Chappelle raised a few laughs at the cost of the #MeToo movement, that had women coming forward saying they had been sexually harassed.

“I can’t even say the words ‘me too’ anymore,” Chappelle said. If someone told him they were going to some comedy club, he replies, “I... am also going to the comedy club.”