Serena Williams
Serena Williams interviewed with Letterman earlier this week Reuters

Golden Slam winner Serena Williams stepped into talk show host's David Letterman's studio earlier this week looking like a million dollars.

Fresh off her winning streak in the Olympics, where she won gold in singles tennis and doubles, alongside her sister, Venus, Serena interviewed with Letterman to discuss her amazing career.

Wearing a fitting red dress that showed off her amazing curves and $4,000 Christian Louboutin Decorapumps embellished with Swarovski crystals, she looked like a diva.

When she greeted Letterman, he was taken aback by her beauty, causing his to say very enthusiastically, "Boy do you look great. Coyly, Williams responded with a "thank you" and said jokingly, "I saw your eyes pop out there."

He did not deny it.

The No. 1 ranked player talked about her time in the Olympics, her Wimbledon's win, and her goals moving forward.

When asked about the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Williams said, "So that's my whole goal. [It] is to go to Brazil and to get there and to stay ready and fit for that...I love the Olympics. The Olympics is like a whole new experience...I just want to be in Rio and see the Olympics."

When she is not playing in matches, she admitted her love for karaoke, telling Letterman,

"I was just talking to my physio today about how the first thing I do when I get to New York is I'm going to karaoke. I hadn't karaoked in, gosh, since like February or January. I'm a karaokier; normally I karaoke every day. ...Now I'm just overwhelmed. I have so many songs I want to sing."

But it is not all fun and games for the tennis superstar. Later in the interview, letterman showed a picture of her feet wrapped up in bandages, and Williams said, "This is the life of an athlete when im not wearing these super high heels."

After toe surgery, she has to tape her feet for every match before stepping onto the court. Now that she is back in the states, she is getting ready for the U.S. Open, which she has won three times, so far.

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