Days of Our Lives
Haley (Thia Megia) reveals her secret to JJ (Casey Moss) on the Jan. 25, 2019 episode of “Days of Our Lives.” XJ Johnson/JPI Studios for NBC

He already knows she’s former D.A. Trask’s younger sister, a fact she is keeping secret from everyone in Salem. Now, JJ will learn the other big secret Haley has been hiding from him and everyone else in town on the Friday, Jan. 25 episode of “Days of Our Lives.”

JJ (Casey Moss) has been intrigued by Haley (Thia Megia) and determined to help her with whatever struggles she’s facing ever since he found her following an overdose on pills at the hospital. When she went to Marlena (Deidre Hall) for some counseling on the NBC soap, she revealed she was in the country illegally, and JJ later learned from seeing them together that the former D.A., Melinda Trask (Laura Kai Chen) was her older sister, but neither one wanted that information public. Since then, Haley has been staying at JJ’s, and the two have been growing a little closer as time goes on.

However, Haley hasn’t yet told JJ the whole story about her life, and as they continue to inch more and more towards a potential relationship, she may finally feel forced to reveal the truth about her status in the U.S. As a result, following their dinner together and their singing session, she will admit the truth to JJ about being illegal.

Of course, while it may be a surprise for JJ, it won’t dampen his fervor when it comes to helping and protecting her. Since his own suicide attempt was stopped a little over a year ago, he has been determined to give others the same chance at the success he’s been given—and he won’t let Haley’s status as an immigrant keep her from pursuing her goals.

Now, it will be up to him how they both handle the story going forward—and what they decide on could be an unexpected surprise.

“Days of Our Lives” airs weekdays on NBC.