La La Anthony
“Power” star La La Anthony will be popping up as a PR professional in Season 1, episode 5 of “Daytime Divas.” Pictured: Anthony arrives for the Essence Black Women in Hollywood luncheon in Beverly Hills on Feb. 25, 2016. Reuters/Carlo Allegri

“Power” actress La La Anthony will guest star in next week’s Season 1, episode 5 of “Daytime Divas.”

Anthony will play the role of crisis management expert Isabel Carlisle. According to the synopsis for the episode, Maxine (Vanessa Williams) hires Isabel when Nina’s (Camille Guaty) baby daddy scandal ignites a media feeding frenzy.

In a sneak peek from the episode, Isabel shares the emergency PR plan she came up with for Nina and Shawn (McKinley Freeman). “Opportunity for personal growth, that’s how we’re going to present [the baby daddy scandal] to the viewers today,” Isabel tells Maxine, Nina and Shawn.

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While Nina initially tells Maxine that she doesn’t need “the dollar store version of Olivia Pope” to tell her what to say, the PR professional eventually manages to get the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist on board with the plan. “This strategy would protect you two and Andrew (Ness Bautista) because we don’t get into sort of details,” Isabel says in the clip. “Nina, after you read the statement, Maxine, [try to] turn it to a large discussion about gender politics.

“Well, that sounds fair to Andrew so I can live with that,” Nina says.

“Trust me,” Isabel replies. “This strategy worked for Bill Clinton, Hugh Grant, David Letterman. I’m really excited to have a woman. We’re gonna break the glass ceiling.”

“We finally have Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill and now this. I’m a feminist hero,” declares the pregnant “The Lunch Hour” co-host.

Also in next week’s episode, Nina, Heather (Fiona Gubelmann) and Kibby (Chloe Bridges) are shocked when they find out that Maxine re-hires her former assistant Anna (Kristen Johnston) as a guest co-host on the talk show.

Meanwhile, during a recent appearance on “Access Hollywood Live,” Anthony briefly talked about her experience working on the set of the new VH1 series. “It’s fun because as we know a lot of things happen behind the scenes on this kind of show. … So it was great that they made a whole television series [about it],” the actress said. “And Vanessa Williams, she doesn’t get any better than that. She’s amazing and incredible. I can’t say enough great things about her.”

“Daytime Divas” Season 1, episode 5, titled “Baby Daddy Drama,” airs on Monday, July 3 at 10 p.m. EDT on VH1. Watch the sneak peek below: