In a "traumatizing" experience, the family of an Ohio woman who died two weeks ago found another woman's body inside the casket while they were preparing for her funeral.

Sonya White from Columbus died suddenly on Jan. 6 at the age of 51 and her body was handled by the Marlan Gary Funeral Home, reported ABC 6. However, White's cousin, Lisa Harden, said she was in for a rude shock when she went to see the body Monday afternoon.

"It was traumatic. No one should have to go through that with their loved one," Harden told ABC 6.

"When we walked in there it was a different body in her casket. With her clothes on. Her undergarments. Her Buckeye earrings. And her wig. We were very devastated. We were all crying. We were very upset because we already were having a hard time. To go in to view her body and then when we walked in, it was a whole other body. To have to sit there. For us to view a body at 4.30 and then they tell us to come back at 6.30 because they had to swap them out, and change earrings," Harden said.

She said she has never seen something like this in her life before. "We wanted closure. But that is not something we will ever get," she added.

White's sister, Kisha Given, said the family had picked everything for the woman with love. They chose a scarlet casket since she was an avid Buckeye fan.

"You expect your loved one when they pass to be handled with care. And to be that careless with someone's family member is inexcusable," Given said. They are also sorry for the family of the other woman whose body was found in the casket.

The family said the funeral house apologized for the mix-up and agreed to pay for the services. However, they have decided to lodge a formal complaint with the State of Ohio Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors.

White's family said it was not the first time the funeral home was in news for a mix-up. Marlan The Gary Funeral Home allegedly did the same with a baby's remains a decade ago.

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