A snake charmer died after he was bitten by a cobra during a performance in Kalimantan, Indonesia, earlier this week.

During a performance for his neighbors, the man, identified as Norjani, hit the 16-foot-long snake and spun it around while laughing. A video of the performance showed the reptile lunging at the man and biting him in the arm. Despite being bitten, the man continued with the performance, reassuring the worried audience and tellin gthem to enjoy the show.

A few minutes later, the snake bit him on the face. Norjani, however, continued performing.

Two hours after the performance, the man was rushed to the hospital after he complained of uneasiness. He was administered an anti-venom by the doctors. However, it was too late and he died a few hours later. Following the man’s death, his devastated family chopped off the snake’s head.

Confirming the incident, a police officer said, “It is true that Norjani, or Nek Tadong as he was also known, was bitten and killed by the snake. The victim was taken to the clinic located in Menjalin district and was treated, but it was too late to save him. He was buried the next day and the family of the dead man killed the snake.”

Representational image. Getty Images